Canon Club in BH - anyone been

Just saw something about this new fish-centric spot in BH. Menu looks interesting. Love to get some feedback.

I’ve heard good feedback from other bloggers, but not sure if they went for a media tasting or a meal on their own. FWIW, I thought the oyster po-boy that they served at a food festival last fall was quite good:

Place is probably worth at least one try to see for yourself.

Going tonight. Will report back. Had a big group and could not get in to the Grill. Not my choice on the Grill but thought Canon was worth a try.

Ive been and thought it was just ok. Their live bay scallop appetizer is pretty great but beyond that, i thought that all the fish dishes were overcooked. Its much more casual that i thought it would be and i might go back for those scallops but everything else was nothing to write home about.

We actually walked out. Not because they were rude, but the place was empty and we wanted a round table for a group of 7 and they would not provide even though there was no one else in the place. Wound up at Villa Alloro (first time) very accomadating, service was good, food was ok.

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Good to know. Thanks for taking one for the team.

I dunno, that sounds kind of rude to me…

They said they had a regular who was handicapped that needed one and a reservation on the other. So not passing judgment. That sad, did not like the alternative seating or that it was empty. Bad feeling about the place. Still wish them successes

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Wow. I guess not too surprising though.

I was there around 3 weeks ago and thought it was pretty good. Interesting menu (which means at least a few things that look worth trying out). Grilled octopus was excellent - among the best in the city. they had an interesting cole slaw that I’ve been craving. I was looking forward to going back.

But I see it’s closed. Sucks.

It was pretty dead when I went.