Cape Seafood and Provisions is officially open

is this basically Lindy & Grundy for Seafood?


LOL I just read that this place is actually in the old L&G space.


oh i can’t wait to see the prices in this joint.
then again, there just ain’t much fish around.
doomed, i tells you. doomed we are.

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I stopped by today to get some smoked fish. The give you samples which is great. I went specifically for the smoked mackerel but wasn’t blown away by it. I did however love the smoked salmon so I got some of that along with some lobster bisque soup (yum) and some smoked mackerel dip (I really enjoyed this). It’s a dangerous place for my wallet… everyone there was VERY friendly. I think I may go back tomorrow :slight_smile:

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@Clyde cool. How were the prices of fresh fish?

@Chowseeker Fresh King Salmon is $39.99, Mackeral is $28.99, Monkfish is $26.99 (i took a pic, so that’s where these prices are coming from).

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I haven’t seen smoked mackerel since I lived in Tampa/St. Pete!! I was raised on Ted Peter’s, , a place that smokes it all. Most popular were the mullet and my favorite, the mackerel. sooo good.

Thanks for the heads up!

My kid will one day say to me, “Dad, your generation ate it all.”

Yes, son, we did.


and lobster used to be prison food…

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@Chowseeker Fresh King Salmon is $39.99, Mackeral is $28.99, Monkfish is $26.99


and before Queen Victoria made it cool to eat them, 40-pound monsters would be discarded as “bycatch”…

true. I did a historical tour of Salem a couple of years ago (my nephew wanted to check out the “witch stuff” after we got all of the “official” family events out of the way) and I learned that not only was lobster prison food, but it was determined that feeding it to prisoners on a daily basis constituted cruel and unusual punishment. hahaha

Not a huge selection, but the fish sold by Dry Dock at some Farmers Markets are superb. No one sells better Steelhead or lox. They get wild Alaska Salmon from a local source in Alaska. It is the only reason for this westsider to go to the BH or Brentwood Farmer’s Market.

Dry Dock Comes to South Pas FM on Thursdays – I generally give’em a miss because Mrs. O eats “nothing with a face,” but she’s leaving me alone for half of April, and I certainly can demolish a salmon in a few days. Glad they’re Alaskan; spent seven years in Anchorage, and salmon was on almost every table I was invited to. A nice big one given to us by an old guy we met in a bar one night was the first thing I ever charcoal-grilled! Successfully, too. Bet I could do that again …

Dry Dock is also at the Larchmont FM on Sundays. Love their sweet smoked salmon and sometimes we get the seasoned fix mix too. They also have great dips.

Per Eater LA, Cape Seafood & Provisions is closing at the end of the month.

I stopped by once (albeit on a Sunday) and the offering were just dreadful. Went right to the seafood counter at eataly.

…And supposedly, indentured servants had it written into their contracts that they could be served lobster no more than twice a week.

I really liked Cape. They had the most amazing smoked black cod and other unique smoked fishes I have yet to find elsewhere in LA. Also really appreciated the solid consistency of their fresh tuna, black cod (w/ no pin bones!) and SB uni.

If Chiramusti–arguably the king of seafood in LA–couldn’t make this retail effort work in a fresh-fish devoid part of town, Im not sure who could?

Jeez, these daily closing announcements of awesome LA food spots are really starting to bum me out:(

I totally agree with you. I was rooting for them when they opened, but the selection was spotty at best when I dropped in on several occasions and the prices were pretty high.