Capital Seafood Beverly Hills [Dim Sum]: A Pictorial Essay


I used to like this website


That’s a lot of shucking.


So, went back for the 4th time yesterday and realized that either they will show some food issues when really busy, or consistency is sliding already, or sometimes problems just happen and I need to be a grown up and be ok with sending things back.

Was so busy we had to wait for a table in the main room a bit, spill-over room also almost full.

Most things were good but 3 of the dishes came out warm including rice noodle with beef and shrimp in glutenous rice. Then har gow came out and I learned a long time ago that it’s the basic mark of quality dim sum, so it was sad to see that before even touching them that skins were pulling off and there were significant holes. After trying it was made clear that they were bad. Skin completely over steamed that it was jush and coming off. But more than that I think it was old and re-steamed because shrimp tasted off and not fresh as they usually serve. So for once i just pointed at it and the server knew right away that it was all wrong and ran to bring a fresh one. Since I got the new one so fast it was east to compare the shrimp. First one was basically from previous day haha.

So it’s not a big deal as long as I can stand up for myself at those prices (i mean har gow is coming out to $2 per dumpling) and politely request a fix

Still loving that they’re there, maybe just not as excited to go when they’re busy on weekend brunch


I’ve gotten comfortable dealing with not warm/hot enough dim sum. Especially chicken feet. That is REALLY not okay.



LOL! You are too funny. And I HATE it when that happens to any dumpling and it seems to happen the most to har gow.


That’s bad hargow and you should judge it harshly


There are so many wonderful things to choose from and usually it’s just the two of us so we don’t get hargow very often.


regular or poor hargow can be skipped but a proper hargow with gently coked sweet fresh shrimp and supple skin with some texture while being thin is a thing of beauty.

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Add this fried egg to your pizza?:rofl:


I think the point Nemroz is getting at is that top tier har gow with delicate skins and large, high quality shrimp are worthy of eating, whereas standard har gow is just kinda whatever. Recipe is only part of the equation.


But if every recipe has a lot of the same ingredients other than shrimp, do you think perhaps that some people think they’re only getting shrimp when in fact there are other ingredients?


It’s hard for me not to get one order or har gow and shiu mai.
Classics for reasons.


I would except that it’s almost always just the two of us and four max five is the most we can do. We have so many other faves.


Agree that this visit was a mixed bag. Chicken joints were far inferior to prior visit, XO sauce rice logs were as good as before. New dishes salt and pepper eggplant and pineapple top custard bun were excellent and meh respectively.

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Went for lunch during the week. It was not packed at all, less than half full.

There was a wine list and plenty of selections by the glass. I got a rose. I had to whittle the list down, since there was quite a few things I wanted to try.

We got pork spareribs, which were good, but not as additive as Longo. I think I’ll pass next time.

Shi mai, tasty!

I love these doughnuts wrapped in rice paper, though the paper could have been thinner, it was very good.

I ordered these shrimp rolls because of folks above! Yummy, but not a must order.

Folks on yelp raved about these chive rolls, but the bottoms were so thick that the filling was a little underwhelming. Maybe on different days they are prepared with thinner bottoms.

This is my all time fave dim sum, deep fried taro. Longo does a version with a slightly sweet egg inside, but I prefer the taro filling.

I wanted to try the cartilage here. It was good, but def on salty side.

These peanut filled dumplings were good.

Next time I want to try the half order of peking duck, as folks raved about it. My friend was very happy and wants to return. My husband enjoyed the leftovers as breakfast the next morning and wants to try. Nice to have something closer than SGV if you live on the westside, but if I have the time and folks willing to join me, SGV is where I will go.

Also, my friend and I stayed chatting for quite a while and when we left the parking lot, the charge was $7.50, after validation. Guess that is beverly hills for you.

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Just a clarifying note. Those donuts are wrapped in rice flour roll not rice paper. Totally different.

So those peanut dumplings had nothing but peanuts in them? I’ve not seen that. And didn’t the chive dumplings have shrimp in them? They might have gotten over cooked to have the bottom like that. I made them for the first time recently and got the bottoms too done.


You are right on all points. I was being lazy! Didn’t go back to menu to find out accurate descriptions, I was trying to give enough info so folks could find item on menu.
Yes, peanuts and pork, and chives with shrimp.


Thanks for updating. To confess I’ve never had those taro ones.



It’s actually rice noodle sheets.

Totally different, as you would say.