Capital Seafood Moving Into Abandoned Beverly Hills New Port Seafood Location

Signage apparently went up last week. Good luck to them.

Oh damn. The Westside dim sum implications are mind-boggling.

Perhaps but with Newport Seafood, a Cantonese leaning seemingly sure thing gone bust, I need convincing that there’s room for more Cantonese food on the Westside than what’s here already.

They need have a strong cocktail program

A dim sum happy hour

A streamlined takeout menu and sign up with Uber Eats, Grunhub, Yelp Eats, etc.


Yes. All of this.

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What didn’t work for Newport was signage (you couldn’t see it driving north or south), and rent was a huge issue, which led to higher pricing (especially with the lobsters) and smaller portion sizes. Also, they offered a trimmed down menu of what they believed were the popular dishes the Westsiders would like to eat, and I found that to be a huge mistake because with people having a more sophisticated and adventurous palate these days, I think people wanted a better selection. Lastly, preparations of the dishes were not as spot on as the original nor the Rowland Heights locations.

Would be interesting to see if Capital will do well here or not. I hope they do. The Westside needs a better dim sum place than The Palace, but the pricing will most likely end up being about the same as those at Bao Dim Sum on Beverly.

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oh damn… that’s our hood… will definitely be trying it

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Who has been to the OC locations. I’m not getting very exciting feedback regarding their expansions

Main locations actually are in Monterey Park and Arcadia, though they did start in the 1990s in Westminster and had the two, now one, Irvine location, plus the Capital Noodle Bar locations in OC. I believe they are derived from the old Kim Tar restaurants which you might remember from Chinatown, Monterey Park, and other locations in the 1970s and 1980s. Irvine locations clearly weren’t especially good. But Arcadia is pretty good and Monterey Park is fairly decent, so there is some hope that a Westside branch could be worthwhile.


I can only vouch for their very crispy shrimp spring rolls at the Irvine Spectrum location.

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Hi @Nemroz,

We’ve been to Capital Seafood (multiple branches) visiting friends in Irvine or the other branches around So Cal. It is not a great representation of HK / Cantonese food IMHO. Serviceable.

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I’m not an expert like most of you, but the Irvine Spectrum was so bad we didn’t even take the leftovers.

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I do like the Chiu Chow-style taro paste with ginkgo dessert there…

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My initial excited was quickly tempered by the fact that the atmosphere just wouldn’t be the same and we’d be going to SGV for dimsum still anyway. Yall have confirmed it

The place hasn’t even opened yet. Let’s at least give it a chance to suck.


Capital Seafood Beverly Hills is now open!


Delivery system is pending.

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Hi Everyone, Capital Seafood Beverly Hills is now open! We’re offering our full dim sum menu from 11am - 3pm (including those crispy shrimp rolls). Live seafood and Entree menu is all day from 11 - close. Delivery system and reservation system is in the works at the moment. Happy hour and dim sum brunch will be coming soon.

We are the expansion from Capital Seafood Arcadia. We have remodeled the place for a more warm, inviting, and casual family setting. We invite all family and friends to come try the new Capital Seafood Beverly Hills and hope to full fill the high expectations. Come give us a try.

Thank you,
Calvin V.


DO you have a link to your menu?

Welcome to the Westside! We are very happy to have you here.