Carbone @ Aria

Had a fun, but somewhat mixed meal here this weekend. First, the good: the meatballs, caesar salad, and rigatoni alla vodka were just outstanding. It’s hard to imagine better versions of these dishes. I also really enjoyed the cheese, salami, and bread basked. Could have been done here.

Unfortunately we weren’t. Something just went wrong with the linguine and clams–it was so salty that it was inedible, and I am a salt fiend. We sent it back. And the steak we ordered to share (bone-in NY strip), while cooked to a nice medium rare, was tough and lacking in beefy flavor. It was pricey but not too crazy, especially for Vegas. I’d go back and probably stick to the classics, and maybe order the fra diavola or the zuppa di pesce.


this is outstanding too.

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I think we have the same problem. Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. The last time we went we stopped here and were completely satisfied. In previous trips we added on main courses like veal parm or other pastas and they were not necessary. Leaves more money in the wallet to lose at the tables too.

Wow, the vongole is a must order for me. Love the spice kick from the green chile they add. Sucks you got a salt bomb as that is probably my favorite pasta there.

Definitely get the zuppa di pesce as @PorkyBelly stated, just dunking the bread in that sauce is worth it. I would stay away from the turf part of the menu aside from the meatballs. Don’t ever order the chicken scarapelli. I also took some meatballs home and bread and it was amazing!

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Honestly I was so bummed with the linguine because everything else seemed great. The chew on the noodles, fresh clams, and a wonderful spice. But the salt level was just nuts. Thankfully they were gracious; the waiter tried a bite and said “wow” and they took it off the bill.


I apologize if I have already asked this before but does anyone have current deets on the bar situation?

Looks like the stars are aligning to my very first visit on Friday

What do you mean?
The bar offers pretty much a full service. We did it and and loved it. They bring your bread and snacks while you wait for your food…and the bartenders are a great. Great drinks…great snacking.

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k, so if I walk in around 6p on Friday to eat a snack at the bar I should be good to go?

I would make a reservation even for the bar




I think you’ll be fine. Friday will definitely be more crowded but Vegas is dead between CES and the Super Bowl. There are open table reservations available for 1 person at 6pm Friday.

Man this place was great. Already looking to come back.

Standouts were the pickles, salad, meatballs, and ravioli. And that fucking parm…


Me too after looking at those damn meatballs. How busy was it?

What’s the dessert in the first picture? I never have room for dessert but that piece of pie looks lovely.

Busy as fuck. Hot 10pm business due to the UFC fight but you can prob get in without a reservation after 9.

Also, availability opens up a bit on opentable 24 hours before your desired date. That’s how I got my res.

Meatballs were $7 each and felt like they were cooked a touch rare. And they were awesome.

Coconut cream pie on special.


those croutons…

the best salad or the greatest salad?


certainly the best ceasar I’ve had - there was a true depth of flavor there. I’d also put good money that it was the most unhealthy thing I ate that entire day.


The rigatoni vodka is perfect here. Great plate of pasta.

This time went for 2 brand new entrees.
Lamb chops cut table side. Asked for medium rare. Tasted great but thought they ere a little under maybe.
Shrimp Fra diavola. One of the shrimp was way overcooked. Diavola sauce didn’t have enough kick for me.

I think going forward we just need to stick to the tried and true. Caesar, rigatoni, meatballs.

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