Carlos’s Tijuana Tacos - Whittier

Whittier’s taco game is strong. I tried a new stand tonight because they set up a pop-up within walking distance of my house.
Carlos’s Tijuana Tacos has been featured in both the L.A. Times and L.A. Taco. They’ve been on my radar for a bit. I’ve actually seen their regular location on my way to Tacos Los Carnales for al pastor on fresh tortillas, but their line was way long that night and I wanted al pastor more.
Carlos and his crew grill their proteins (asada, adobada, pollo, and chorizo) over mesquite charcoal. They have tortilla ninjas who quickly pump out tortillas to match the demand. They have tacos, quesadillas, mulitas, and vampiros on the menu for $2, $7, $5, and $5 respectively. They were not offering vampiros tonight much to my dismay because I really wanted to try one…I’ve never had one before.

The line was about 25 minutes long when we arrived. I think the delays are contributed to the tortilla ninjas trying to keep up with demand and quesadilla orders. While in line, I noticed that the masa for the tortillas was from Northgate Market, and one person manning the grill and consistently cooking massive amounts of meat. He was also probably grilling tiny little onions because we found these in the salsa bar area…

in addition to beans, pickled onions with habanero, radishes, limes, salsa verde, and a spicy-looking salsa rojo.
While in line, you’ll want to order your quesadilla first because that takes more time to make. Then you get to the taco person who takes and assembles your taco order. Tacos are generously filled with meat and then topped with onions, cilantro, a mild tomato salsa, and a healthy amount of guacamole. I tried their asada quesadilla which was fully loaded with cheese, lots of asada, onions, cilantro, and guacamole on a fresh tortilla. It was easily the second best quesadilla I’ve ever had…super crispy on the outside with smoky and seasoned asada, freshness from the onion and cilantro…I really didn’t taste the guacamole, but I added a squeeze of lime that I think helped make it taste even better.
I tried the asada and adobada tacos. My sister got the chicken. The asada was as great as in the quesadilla. I adobada was less successful…it tasted well-seasoned, but was dried out even with the salsa, guacamole, and lime that I added. My sister said the chicken was good…moist and seasoned well.

I was pretty impressed. That asada quesadilla was so, so good! I hope they visit my neighborhood often for pop-ups. Cash only.
P.S. @TheCookie I think you should let the family know this is available in their ‘hood. Carlos’s Tijuana Tacos can be found via Instagram.


Nice. As it should be.

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Warning for anyone who tries looking for the stand.

My mouth is watering :drooling_face:

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Looks like they’ll be popping up back in my neighborhood tomorrow. @js76wisco maybe you’ll want to try hitting it up on your way home…south Whittier is closer to you than Whittier over by PIH hospital.
I walked over at shortly before 8PM and my wait was 25 minutes.

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Uh yum! I will. One just told me he never gets sick of eating tacos! That’s good, since you can’t throw a rock without hitting a taco stand or a Mexican restaurant in Whittier. :grin:

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Is this the address you’re referring to?
12504 Whittier Blvd

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I was wondering about that too. That’s the address on their Instagram, so it’s gotta’ be the permanent one.

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Yes, that’s the original location and they’re there most nights. @TheCookie the OG location is probably perfect for your family…most Whittier folks live on that side of town. But that’s inconvenient both you (@js76wisco) and me since we’re at least 15 minutes east of that…and it’s a tiny parking lot that can get real crowded real fast.
Tonight’s pop-up location is on the corner of Telegraph and Leffingwell…in the Goodyear/Tires parking lot across the street from a Jack-in-the-Box.
They post all of their updates on IG.


Yep, they’re pretty close to the hospital.

My wife loves an al pastor street taco more than 99.9% of the population. She disapproves with guacamole on this type of taco. She vehemently disapproves of the amount of guacamole on Carlos’ Tijuana Taco.

That makes me a little sad. I love guacamole…and love how it enhances this taco. I’ve already convinced my husband that we are walking to dinner tonight.


it seems to be the “Tijuana taco” style that maybe someone more educated can enlighten us about; same deal as 1986, TST, Angels Tijuana Tacos, and Tacos El Gordo.

Further googling brings me to this place, which may be the inspiration for this style of taco(1):

Tacos el Poblano
7813 Boulevard Diaz Ordaz, Tijuana, Mexico


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I’m going to try and convince my wife to go one day this weekend. I am a traditionalist as well but if it tastes good then that is all that matters.

Still haven’t been to 1986. How does Carlos Tijuana compare?

Have them hold her guacamole. :wink:

It is. Generally TJ taco meat is a VERY simple and THIN asada (So it’s super charry) and then is absolutely POUNDED cut on a cutting board which resembles a Tree Trunk (Which it once was). You won’t find El Pastor in the old skool joints. PLEASE don’t order El Pastor Tacos in TJ… The Guac is more than anything a libricant. A bit of lusciousness to an otherwise very simple taco. Also, the guac is usually a bit under salted. But this style of taco DEMANDS a shake of salt. You know you are at a legit TJ taqueria, if it’s littered with taco paper and salt shakers…


Yay! Dommy!

Remind me to be more conscious when I go taco-ing with my husband. I went last night with my sister and we ordered dinner for less than $20. I go with my husband tonight and the tab was slightly short of $60.
I’ve found that while the tacos are good, the stars here are the quesadillas and the mulitas. The cheese for both is griddled until slightly crispy adding another layer of flavor to fresh tortillas, onions, cilantro, mild tomato salsa and guacamole. I tried the chorizo tonight and found it to be lovely…good chorizo that picks up the smokey mesquite from the grill. The asada is still my favorite. I had intended on trying the pollo and adobada, but I was pretty full after 1/2 of a quesadilla and 1 1/2 mulitas. The fill each of their menu items to the gills…tonight’s quesadillas and tacos seemed heavier than last nights.

They said that tonight would be their last night in my neighborhood. Hope they come often…or maybe not because I might have to hit the gym more often.


I’ve found the same at Tio Flaco’s in Fountain Valley.

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I like your husband. A LOT. How much food did you order?