Carnegie Deli closing

So sad, a few of the satellite locations will stay open.

Google for deets, can’t copy from new GD phone.

That was announced in September.

Not picking a fight, but why is it sad?

Carnegie Deli has been pretty putrid for many years now.

About 30 years ago (back in the late 70s / early 80s), it was a classic NY deli. The corned beef was sublime and the pastrami rivaled those of the best in all five boroughs.

Now? It’s like a caricature of itself, the epitome of a tourist-trap. Quality has declined precipitously and the prices have climbed just as steep. And yet the tourists still mob the place like sheep being led to slaughter.

I’ve had many a great meal at the original and Mirage outpost.

So it is sad to me, especially as delis are a dying breed.

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Still lots of delis in Manhattan.

Sarge’s, 2nd Avel, Eisenberg’s, Stage Star, Katz’s, and probably the current local fave, Russ & Daughters.

Thanks, may not know much-but delis I do know.

Do they still have Russian diners in New York? I fell in love with those the first time I went to New York on my own. They had borscht, pork and cabbage stew, cabbage rolls, black bread, walnut cakes. Like deli food, but very old-school Russian.

Eastern European restaurants are not that rare. Odessa’s still around. And Veselka, and Ukrainian National Home. But Kiev and Christine’s are gone, and those were my favorites.

Like Carnegie Deli, Christine’s was gone before it closed. Though it dated back only to 1982.

The Christine’s I’m thinking of closed in 2007 or 2008. Is that the one you mean? There were a few others.

The one at 208 First Avenue. When I lived in Rome I had their bumper sticker on my car.