Carnitas El Rey - Oxnard

Had this place earmarked following some prior recs from @Dommy.

Unassuming spot, fairly spartan austere interior anchored by a row of covered steam trays towards the rear. Only protein offered is carnitas. Honestly wasn’t sure what to order, menu doesn’t really have much info. I ended up just ordering a plain carnita and a couple of combo meats taco style & a small side of rice. Size wise each taco is about double that of a regular taco. Not dissimilar from Momo or Moreliana.

Lo and behold, this is some of the best carnitas if not the best I’ve had so far in LA! (Take my enthusiasm with a grain of salt as my taco taste buds have suffered from lack of training living in NYC). Porky but not overwhelming, the meat was tender, flavorful and juicy! Skin or buche like parts were soft and pliable, not at all chewy in the mouth. Very good homemade looking tortilla with a good not too strong corn flavor. The rice was the best Mexican rice I’ve had in a taco joint. Kind of tasted like sambal fried rice.

@Dommy, thank you! Spot on with this highly recommended rec!!!

@Chowseeker1999, another spot for a future bang-bang

OG address: 124 E 5th St., Oxnard

Drove by this truck which had a long line during lunch hour. Looked promising


I can also vouch for this place based on the FTC rec - it actually renewed my faith in carnitas after several poor showings at Carnitas El Momo.


I’ve had Momo on the street and at a private event. Both were meh. But the Cueritos from Carnitas El Rey are epic! They make the tacos… and yes, the tortillas are homemade!

And remember, oh the way back to L.A., be sure to stop at Mister Softee in Camarillo!


Drat, missed Mr. Softee. Any other gems in the area?