Casablanca Morroccan Kitchen - Melrose

So the spot that was Franco which we ignored that was a pretty tasty Restaurant I think called Veneto before it has now become a Moroccan restaurant.

A cuisine I’m always craving and never have a place to go to.

The garden was upgraded and is super cozy.

Food is great

Byow until they get a license. Super friendly owner I meat earlier while grabbing from Oui

Can’t figure out why the tagine didn’t come in a tagine or with a big bed of couscous (had to order separate, small order of bleh couscous… hopefully their other dishes like lamb couscous is more like what I’ve had)

But the lamb dish itself was really good!

They’re very proud of their celebratory sweet chicken Pie called pastilla . Super aromatic, crispy, warm and juicy. Apparently no wedding can go without it

Really liked their warm eggplant starter, luscious and lightly spiced.

And we really loved their 12 hour veal stewed in a pretty clay pot covered with parchment that gets cracked table side

Go before they’re mobbed and being too much wine

Also bring friends who will dance with the knockout belly-dancer

The 8 year old was embarrassed as heck!


Oh yeah… forgot about this place. I think they transitioned from the truck to this restaurant right before the pandemic. (Is the truck still around?) Good to see them lively. Thanks for the report!