Catering ~40

I’m planning a 30-40 person birthday party in October. Birthday girl likes Italian, paella and all around LA foodie. Any favorite caterers you all like? I have not hired carterers before, so would love some input from this lovely board. You guys always steer me right. Does Animals guys still do catering?

Bonus if you got a bartender too

Roger from Savory Roads catered our paella FTC meetup. Highly recommended.


Bartender: Events – Matthew Biancaniello

Not sure what his pricing is, won’t be on the low end. Great cocktails using seasonal ingredients. Formerly Cocktail Maestro Matthew Biancaniello Debuts Full-Service Omakase in Malibu - Eater LA

Now he’s doing similar tasting menu + cocktail pairing out of his home. So he could potentially take a crack at pairing cocktails with whatever your caterer is preparing if you want to go that route.


Was that Malibu omakase spot the place that burned down like right after opening?

Paella’s a great choice for a catered party. Cooking is festive and if the caterer’s good every portion will have soccarat.

Yes, part of the Woolsey Fire - Wikipedia if I recall correctly

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Thanks yeah that place looked great I was hoping to make it there

Sorry for derail

Thanks to @T3t Mr. Bartender was used at a party I was a guest at.
They brought the bar, glasses, specialty syrups, and bartender. They gave a shopping list for the hosts to buy and took care of the party. There might a slight discount if you select the seasonal menu.


If you need churros, I highly recommend Heavenly Gourmet Churros

I met Noe as a street vendor close to my house. His churros are perfect. Super crisp exterior and custardy luscious center. Right balance of cinnamon & sugar. He also makes his own fresh strawberry compote…offers more than a handful of sauces and toppings.

He catered at my house recently and booked 3 other jobs while he was here. Service is about 2 hours long and he arrives 30-60 minutes prior in order to set up.