Century City Din Tai Fung intel

Anybody know the status on DTF Century City? There’s no mention of it on the official Westfield website or DTF website. Thanks!

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Saw this: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/westfield-century-city-marks-major-012400301.html

Thank you!

The Century City News, an old fashioned print publication, likewise indicated a “fall” opening for Din Tai Fung.

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Signage is up all around the new space at the mall. It’s gotta be opening soon.


Sorry to hijack this post, but I’ve been to the remodeled Century City Mall. Not far from the new Macy’s location is a Randy’s Donuts and Grom Gelato. I have enjoyed both.

I haven’t been impressed with Meizhou Dongpo, but looking forward to Din Tai Fung coming as well as Eataly.

Figure this can be the de facto CC thread. Took a peak in Din Tai Fung. Construction is ongoing, maybe not opening as imminently as I suggested. The space is quite large.

Midici pizza is finished and opening any day. Poke place in food court is also finished—giving out free samples today and hoping to open any day.

Had Wexlers a bunch of times already. Solid like always. Corned beef and pastrami a little fatty for my taste (even ordered lean) but still good. The brisket patty melt sandwich, the CC special, is quite good.


Yes! Need a MiDiCi closer to WLA, esp since 800 Deg is (relatively) horrid now.

Was just at the CC mall today (for Gelson’s). Wish I had seen this post first! Would’ve loved some poke samples…

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The DTF in Seattle is quite large but divided up in such a way that it doesn’t feel cavernous at all. They did a good job.

Just wait until the new Apple store opens up later this year at the mall.

Is there something special about this Apple store?

I contacted DTF last month about the status of the Century City location and received this response:

Thank you very much for your email.

We anticipate we will open in early 2018. We will also update our website once the opening date is confirmed. Please check back with us in the next few months for updated details. Thank you very much!

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What happened to 800 degrees?

Haven’t eaten there for at least 6 mos (if not longer), but I think things stared to go downhill. Sloppily put together (prosciutto was ridiculously thick and couldn’t be chewed), undercooked. Staff didn’t seem like they knew what they were doing and were rushing through the assembly.

It def wasn’t inedible or anything like that, but it seemed like there were quality control issues, and it just wasn’t enjoyable to eat the food anymore. I think the SaMo branch had never been as good as the Westwood one. There was a slight uptick when it seemed like they were bringing in some old guys (at the Westwood branch?) to help w/ the cooking, but I sort of gave up on it b/c, once I add the extras I like, it isn’t a “cheap” pie. I saw no point in paying the $ or ingesting the calories for a slapdash attempt. Esp w/ Slicetruck and Vito’s being much closer to me.

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First, They went from a build your own to a Al La Carte Concept and the crust became industrial. MidCi is so much better…

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Tender Greens is open…it’s not bad, first time I’ve ever been. To be honest I always equated Sweetgreen and Tender Greens in my mind until today.

Where is the Tender Greens???

Across from the food court, right behind (or next to, depending on your angle) Shake Shack.

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March 1

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March 26th!



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