CH LA schadenfreude thread



Oh so sad… :scream:

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A little East Bay Grease:


Wow - chowhound can’t censor that.
Well done piece, honest and balanced reporting, I think.
And a very nice place to add a comment regarding new allegiance as well!

yeah but this is also substance over style, not just the new format, something that postdated my exile. ie they have been complete wankers to long time hounds, actually editting posts and sending douchey emails from a person with that fake ass smile. Seems the ranks thinned out long before this phase…but hell, a welcome death knell to some deserving people and kudos to Robert for his excellent work setting this spot up.


so… SF to that “hungry onion” site? and LA keeps FTC? Is that what I’m smelling? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i was most intrigued by the comment that some employees had posted as users extolling the virtues of beta and that comments questioning such user’s provenance get deleted.

i still envision various scenarios re the motives which range from a poor business decision to a calculated move where the goal is increase market share of the desired demographic and they really don’t care if the informed hounds stay if they don’t fit that demographic - a TV type decision where it might be a great show with great content, but not drawing the 18-29 demographic whose vapid and vacuous minds can be swayed by the advertising - so it gets canceled and replaced by… i can’t even tell you since i stopped watching network TV years ago.

This too has crossed my mind. Seems hard to believe they intended to alienate their biggest (I am NOT not intentionally talking about waistlines) users, but maybe that was the intent.

^^^ and what exactly is the intended audience of these inline ads? I mean, seriously?

ii’m waiting to see the totality of what they’re going to do to try and appease what i refer to as the subject matter experts - the knowledgeable folks whose contributions make the data available at CH worthwhile.

it sounded like a search by text function was being restored. in that case, it might be worth to run a couple of searches, and copy the results over here. but i don’t think i’m going back

FWIW, they’ve got RSS feeds up now. Talk about an eyesore.

i’m not seeing any of those ads, possibly because i’m running chrome and installed adblock

I’m using adblock too, but that doesn’t make the CH site any better looking or functional


“i was most intrigued by the comment that some employees had posted as users extolling the virtues of beta and that comments questioning such user’s provenance get deleted.”

I remember such a post, written shortly after the change, by a person who had never posted before, saying the change was fabulous, etc.
Several hounds replied, all skeptical, or downright incredulous.
One asked the poster what else she thinks about any of the boards, since she had never posted before. The OP did not answer.
And yes one poster who was too explicit regarding his incredulity got his comment removed immediately.

maybe it’s the way i comb my hair. if tony would print that URL of that page, i could more accurately compare my display to his.

i’m sorry to hear that. there’s no simple way to recover from a major PR gaffe like that, especially when you’ve got someone in charge with the mindset that would prompt him to ID himself as “VIP_________” very ignorant as far as i’m concerned.

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Are these paid gigs as moderators or VIPs of whatever ???

If they are paid, that might just even be beyond fucking worser.

As in where do they get these clowns ???

wait you don’t believe the screen cap? the url is:

yes, if you have adblock the ads don’t show, but a lot of people don’t have adblock.

the new UX is designed to be google/ad friendly as chowhound itself, at least the non-recipe side, clearly was a money loser. there’s zero doubt.

my bad.

my page shows no ads. adblock is the first extension i add when internet browsing on a new computer using chrome

yes paid gigs…quote=“kevin, post:17, topic:117”]
paid gigs