Challenge: Any good sushi spots around Century City that's open for lunch?

On a Monday at that.

Also, I just found out that Mori is no longer open for lunch. That makes me sad.

Is Kiriko too far? If you’re OK for Sawtelle Japantown, might as well do the lunchtime Platinum Bara-Chirashi at Sushi Tsujita.

In Beverly Hills, Sasabune on Olympic Blvd. is no longer serving loosely packed hot rice (at least in the BH location), so that’s a possibility.

Sushi Sushi on Beverly Blvd. is meh for lunch, IMHO. But it’s there.

Happy hunting.

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oh I hadn’t thought of Sushi Tsujita. I think that’ll be doable!

How’s their lunch omakase? I do love their bara chirashi but it’s just not very filling.

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Shiki in Beverly Hills is a quick drive away. I believe they are open for lunch and they’re pretty flexible with the menu. I’ve been sitting with Hiro-San for a while.

Sushi Sushi on Beverly Drive just north of Olympic is outstanding.

Isn’t Shiki crazy expensive?

yeah thought about Sushi Sushi but they open at 12pm. My client needs to be back in Century City at 1pm so I think it’ll be too tight.