Che (Vietnamese desserts)

Recommendations for good places to get che? They can be bakeries, tofu places, standalone stores that do only dessert. If they serve a lot of different kinds, even better. SGV is closer to me, but I know Little Saigon is where I would probably find the better places. I don’t get down to Little Saigon very often so when I do, I try to do (eat) as much as possible.

I went to Hien Khanh inside the food court at Great Wall supermarket in Rosemead this weekend but the che didn’t look that great, to be honest, so I didn’t buy any.

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These places for me are hard to crack. No English menu or English speaking workers. I just point. Or use Yelp pics.

Thach Che Hien Khanh is most popular in Little Saigon. Thanh Son Tofu is my go-to in Little Saigon, so good when the milk container is still warm.

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I speak Vietnamese all right, but my pronunciation can be a little wacky and kind of embarrassing so I also sometimes resort to pointing. I’ve been to Thanh Son Tofu! I really liked what I got there. Especially the pandan and ginger tofu pudding.

I will have to try Thach Che Hien Khanh. I was wondering if the Hien Khanh I went to in Rosemead was related to that one in Little Saigon.

Hien Khanh is pretty much the benchmark - if you’re not as good as them don’t bother. The other OG/benchmark is Che Cali, of Banh Mi Che Cali fame.

Don’t go to the Bambu in Arcadia for che.


Yes, it is related. So, despite how it looks, give them a shot. Otherwise, you’re driving to Little Saigon for pretty much the same thing.

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It may have been that I got there at the end of the day but I’ll give Hien Khanh another shot. Thanks for the recs.

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