Cheap Eats near SOMA or Oakland

A friend of mine requested cheap eats that are unique experiences to the Bay Area and that can’t be had in Los Angeles.

Any suggestions?

I’m not sure there is anything. LA has Burmese now, right? Montreal-style bagels at Beauty’s?

SOMA’s not a good neighborhood for cheap eats. Wat too much tech money.

Oakland, not super-cheap but great values for the quality:

Miss Ollie’s
Hawker Fare
Ramen Shop

I’m not sure there’s anything like Spices!3 in LA. It’s sort of a hipster Taiwanese take on Sichuan.

We ended up eating at Spices!3. Great recommendation!

For future reference, Fusebox and the Oakland branch of Hawker Fare have closed. The SF Hawker Fare is still open.

Nido was on a new Check Please tonight. It has been too long since a visit.

I went to the new location of Spices!3 for the first time the other night. As good as ever, if not better. Much nicer space.

For future reference, spicy beef tendon, spicy pig ear, spicy cucumber, fried stinky tofu with explosive chili, dan-dan noodles, and gangsta casserole “murder-style” is a ridiculous amount of food for two people.

What, pray tell, made you think it would be otherwise? :smile: