Cheesecake factory looks that way on purpose

Been done.

I was chagrined to learn in March that Mexican Franchisees don’t offer the Filet o Pescado. I was so disappointed.

McDonald’s India (not my picture).

They used to have a Maharaja Mac, which used to be a lamb burger, but they took that off the menu some time ago. I had it a few years ago – pretty good. The McSpicy Chicken is good too. One thing I like about the McDonald’s in Asian countries is that quality of the food is better than here, plus the Spicy items tend to be much spicier than here to cater to local taste (same reason they provide chili sauce packets along with the ketchup/tomato sauce).

I don’t really eat fast food at home, but I always have to have a lunch at McDonalds in whatever country I’m here, just to see how it is.

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Is the filet o fish the same as the American one? doesn’t show any pescado, just hamburguesas de res y de pollo.

There is no Filet o Fish in Mexico I was born during Lent and my birthday frequently falls on a no meat Friday. So my birthday lunch usually consists of a Filet O Fish. Though this year I was in Cozumel and Dommy! and I were chagrined to learn McDonald’s have no Fish offerings in Mexico.

The fish fillets in the NZ Macca’s (which is apparently the standard Aus/NZ shortening of McDonald’s, as opposed to my more familiar “McD’s”) seemed a bit tastier, and less processed than the American ones, although that could have just been my particular state of mind at the time (I did not enjoy living in NZ and McDonalds was homesickness food).

But you could get beetroot on burgers (don’t quite get that one), you could get sweet chilli sauce on anything and everything, and McDonalds NZ had the rights to frozen Coke slushies (which BK has in the US). That made me indescribably happy and is one of the only things I really miss about the place.

McD’s in canada does have poutine available, but I haven’t felt the need to try it, given there are so many specialty places. I suppose the supercrisp fries might actually stand up well against the gravy, but I think a thicker cut is probably better. And I can’t imagine McDonald’s gravy to be terribly memorable. But who knows? Once the weather goes south again (and boy, will it) I might have to try it. Just for completeness, you understand. Take one for the team and all that.

Didn’t try it in India, but my 11 year old aspiring chef daughter decided last year that the Filet O Fish in Malaysia was “so much better” than the one here.

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The brilliance of the Cheesecake factory is that it makes you feel like you’re somewhere on vacation, like a Las Vegas Casino buffet or restaurant. It’s the same reason El Torito is a fun place which makes you feel like you’re at Disneyland. The food is an afterthought of course, the cheesecake almost unedibly sweet, but it’s an easy place to go with finicky eaters with not-so-discerning taste.

There’s a place in the world for the Cheesecake Factory. I just wish Angelenos, who should know better, would stop recommending this place to tourists who want a taste of LA.

They DO that??? Yikes!

I went last week to the Marina del Rey location, with my Slovak cousin and some friends. It wasn’t about the food, it’s all about the patio, boats gently bobbing, and twinkly fairy lights.

I ordered steak Diane with mashed potatoes, and artfully moved it around the plate, then took the “leftovers” home for the boy. That menu had zero things I wanted to eat.

I just wish they would pump up the lights in the SaMo one. Partner and I ate there b/c it was late at night after a movie at the Arclight, and we wanted something easy. Damn near tripped on a huge wet patch on the very slippery floor (that I couldn’t see b/c it was so ridiculously dark).