Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

I swear they’ve forgotten the honey like half the times we’ve gotten it

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That is really lame especially considering how much they charge for the slice.

After striking out with bootleg I returned to appolonias. Square slice is heads and shoulders above bootleg. Good balance of cheese with added tomato sauce and the square slice is super crispy but fluffy and airy unlike the bricks I had at bootleg. The carmelized cheese crust doesn’t even compare.


can we talk about why pizza is so expensive right now?
$25 and up easily up. vito’s and prince st $40 and up.

The most basic ingredients, like cheese and cases of canned tomatoes, are 50-75% higher than 18 months ago. Honestly everything is significantly more expensive, down to gloves and basic packaging materials, and of course labor. A business can only absorb so much. Supply chains, and prices, are all over the place


Lol I remember my dad giving me $40 to pickup some pizzas in my teens. I was like I don’t need this much pizza is cheap. He said this is what pizza costs when it’s not from costco.



… and fuel, shortage of truckers (also affecting fuel), backlogs at the ports, semiconductors (seriously affecting the auto industry), glass jars shortage… hell, until a couple of days ago, you could not find an in-stock bottle of Johnny Walker Blue ANYWHERE.

Covid is affecting everyone and every industry in some way.


Covid affects human tissue. Your government’s choices affect everyone and every industry.

Yeah it also affects the choices that individuals make as well. So people choosing not to go to work or people decide it’s not worth the risk to go out in public is a personal choice not necessarily a governmental one.


What pie from what place are you talking about?

My current favorite pie was $21 for a 14-inch in February 2020 and $24 today.

I agree and well said but at this point, re-instating restrictions is going to kick these restaurants when they’re down

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Pizza places mostly thrived during lockdown by doing more takeout.


My only point is that there are a ton of industries right now that are drastically affected by Covid that really have nothing to do with government actions.

The trucking industry is going through a period where they’re losing truckers to early retirement due to Covid, and they will need 100k drivers per year for the next 10 years to cover current and future demand. This was the initial driving force behind gas price increases. Costs for everything else have gone up from the lack of supply of truckers AND the cost of fuel partially caused by the lack of truckers.

Can’t wait for things to get to somewhat normal. This whole thing broke my business and finances.


As detailed in that NPR article, trucking companies have been complaining about the “shortage” for years. Government agencies repeating that story doesn’t make it truer.

Oh, really, so nothing makes it truer except an NPR source? I’m sorry, didn’t know that an article reprinted from a planet money newsletter is the only true gospel. Farmers not being able to get goods to market isn’t real enough.

Whether there are no truckers to take goods because of pay, or to not get goods to market because of a shortage of drivers, the end result is the same… shortage of truckers.

Listening to an economist the other day talking about this.

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Btw, 4 times this year I couldn’t get my own goods trucked in.

A few other of my shipments were severely delayed from a shortage of trucks at the Port of LA and Long Beach. Still going on now.


Not to get bogged down in this discussion but I’ve heard the same thing from friends who import a lot of things from China. Shipping delays and difficulty getting stuff trucked to their warehouses.


Yup, we’ve been dealing with long delays at the ports for our containers from China. 40Ft containers are costing 40-50% more than usual to bring in.
We’re also dealing with lack of drivers that work for the Trucking companies, stuff that usually takes 2-3 days are taking 5-7 days now.

edit: oops! i meant 400-500% more, from $2000 to $10,000 and up.for a 40 ft Container