Chef Tony Staggers Into Town

It used to be called “Fong’s Burgers” and my mom would always pick up egg rolls and char siu baos on Sunday morning. I didn’t know what else they served but I guess a char siu bao is kind of like a Chinese burger?

There is?!? Last time I swung by a few months ago, that little patio area in between the stand and building didn’t have any tables.

Either way, I’m a car picnic guy these days with Covid. I’ve got my wipes, etc in the car. Seeing what slobs people usually are, I don’t trust free for all picnic table seats where understaffed places don’t have time to clean regularly.

Oh interesting! Thanks! I used to be in that area more but I guess I missed that iteration.

A bao does have meat inside bread, so yeah? Sure! LOL!

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Unless things have changed -

Those side tables were definitely not there the last time I went. There was only one back table and it had a bunch of stuff piled on top and flagging tape loosely wrapped around everything.

Everyone waiting for orders was standing socially distanced in that area. Either way, as long as they’re busy and stay afloat during these times, it’s all good. I can’t imagine anyone really making go/no go decision strictly on availability of their outside tables.

Long’s pastry, I was there recently and they have the dining area marked off. Only 3 parties inside at a time and people were good about social distancing inside and waiting in line outside.

Really hoping all these places hang on, we’re so close with vaccine availability and food businesses reopening fully.


Oh, I would’ve never considered it that, but… I guess? Or maybe like a fluffy mini empanada?

The thing my dad calls a “Chinese hamburger” is what everyone else here calls a “meat pie.” :slight_smile:

my guess is that they were trying to cater to the people in the area back in the days? This was in the late 80’s, early 90’s.
maybe @chandavkl has more info on this place.

Actually I remember it as Fong’s Dim Sum, not unlike the present day Dim Sum Express. In the late 80s Fong’s moved to a new location in a now demolished shopping center in San Gabriel (now the site of the San Gabriel Sheraton) and Dim Sum Express took its place. Fong’s San Gabriel closed down 20 years ago.

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now you’ve got me looking online for old signage that said Fong’s Burgers

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Oy, I totally misunderstood the original context of calling it a burger! Whoops.

In addition to the signage, see if you can find an old menu! (or ask mom if they offered, you know, burgers… :wink: ). Sort of wonder if they might’ve offered a few “western” items, hoping that customers would eventually try the dim sum.

If anyone wants to do the research, i thought this was a cool resourse :slight_smile:


i did a search when you first mentioned but no luck on images or menus. Sites like menuism or menepix only had a listing.

Wow! This is cool! Thanks for sharing!

I did a generic “Fong” and it didn’t come up. Only one listing for an Ah Fong’s Beverly Hills 1974 menu came up. That was a a fun time capsule look at the dishes and prices.

Check it out!


‘Chinese kreplach’ :rofl::joy:


Right??!! I was :rofl: but smart catering to the demographics of that area I’m sure.
“coolie cup” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:


Who can resist something as appetizing sounding as “beef in a bag?!” :smiley:


I got a kick out of that too. Based on the description, if they had went with the french term En Papillote, they probably could have charged a lot more and gotten more notice. It could have been fusion ahead of it’s time!

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Hopefully second time is a charm. Seems like a better location as well.


Looks like it is at the original Din Tai Fung location and they are open today.

I actually went today and they’re closed on Tuesdays :frowning:

Whoops. Thanks for letting us know. Did it look like they might be set up for outdoor dining?

nope, I don’t think they’re really doing to do outdoor dining based on the lack of room in the parking lot. I’m gonna try and go back today…arg…so much driving lol

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