Chef's Club - SoHo


Never dined here before - the current residency by Paul Liebrandt looks interesting. Any one dined at the Chef’s club?


We’re huge fans of Paul Liebrandt, having dined many times at Corton and once at The Elm during his very short time there. When I found out on another food forum where I’m a member that he was in residence at Chefs Club, we immediately went for dinner (in March). We’d never been to Chefs Club before. Service was professional; the space was pleasant; and the noise level was, thankfully, moderate. We chose to sit at a table as opposed to counter seating at the open kitchen. But from our vantage point, we could see Chef Liebrandt at work. There have been some changes to the menu since we were there. If you go and choose a la carte, I highly recommend the duck for two and the dessert baba (which was originally for two but now is not).

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@RGR thanks for your response. I looked at the pictures of his food on instagram and he certainly appears to be a colorful personality. I’m going to try and catch him before his residency ends in early May. Noted about the duck!


If you’ve looked at his Instagram feed, then you’ve seen his photo of the duck as it’s presented at the table before being taken back to the kitchen to be carved and plated. I took photos of our meal. The set is on my Flickr. But I’ve been told by this board’s admin that posting a link is verboten on this forum. In case you want to look at them there, my screen name on Flickr is “rozrapp.”

As for his being a “colorful personality,” I think he sometimes gets a bad rap for supposedly being haughty and difficult. He’s actually rather shy and quite sweet. We know his longtime s.o. because many years ago, she worked at EMP where we’re regulars. At Corton, she was in charge of the dining room. She had him come to our table to introduce us. They also worked together at The Elm. While my husband was taking care of the bill at Chefs Club, I went over to the counter to take a picture of Paul and, since he wasn’t busy, we chatted for a few minutes. He’d love to have a regular restaurant again, but until that happens, he’s busy doing consulting and occasionally taking on public cooking gigs.

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