Chefs Knife handle repair, in LA?

My, very old and well loved, Henckels Chef’s knife has lost a large chunk of the black handle. I wonder if getting a new handle is a possibility- the blade has a good life left in it. TIA for any advice

How large is large? One of mine lost a chunk maybe 3/4" up near the blade. It doesn’t affect my ability to hold it or use it but I’d be interested n replies.

it is about an inch chunk, but in the front right where my thumb sits. I have the broken peice, so I guess I could super glue it if nothing else - but I thought worth looking for a repair- will see!

I’d likely super-glue it.

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I wonder if Henckels will replace it for you? maybe you could look for an email for them. Personally I’d ask Jon from Japanese knife imports -mostly because he’s a great guy and even though he doesn’t really deal with german knives. I would bet he knows someone who might be able to either repair it or put on a new custom handle on it.

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There’s a mobile knife sharpener at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market. I think this is the guy: Maybe he would know where you can get it fixed locally?

Agree that contacting the manufacturer is a good idea, too.

how exactly do you hold that blade? ironically, the first time i learned not to hold something with a blade by the handle was when i played table tennis in college so it made a lot of sense when i was taught to grip the blade of a knife instead of the handle it made perfect sense to me; on a chef’s knife, my thumb never touches the handle.

They’re made to be repairable. Ross can do it and probably has the necessary part on hand. Phone them.

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Why not Super-Glue it? If it fails then go to the next plan.

sometime my hand is more on the blade, sometimes on the handle, depends I guess what am doing- but for reference the “chunk” is missing from front of handle :slight_smile:

for a chef knife my thumb and first finger are on the blade. if you care to pursue it, there are some decent videos on knife technique on youtube. the idea is that a more comfortable/efficient hold could make the missing portion of the handle superfluous.