Chi Spacca pre-drinks?

Hitting Chi Spacca tonight for the first time. PUMPED.
Can anyone tell me if there’s a good spot nearby for a few bevvies?
Our reservation is not until 8:45pm.

I’m going with a couple in their 50’s but they act younger!

Petit Trois!


The bar next door at Osteria Mozza is excellent.

I’d have recommended Mud Hen, but it just closed.

Petit Trois is very small and at that time there’ll probably be a long line of people waiting to eat.

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Depends on what nearby means to you.
Real nearby you already have the only options - Petit trois and OM Bar. If you can possibly find a seat (at either place) for yourself you would be lucky, but for a 4some - NFW!

A bit further afield but close-ish:
Bludsoe’s Bar
Spartina (I have not been yet and don’t even know if they have a bar)
Salt’s Cure
The Darkroom
Village Idiot
Snake Pit
El Coyote

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At that time? Good luck! We’ll be stopping by tonight for their 3-6 cocktail hour but it is mobbed later.

OP, that’s my hood. I’m suggesting tastings at Domaine LA. It’s a wine shop but it’s $5 Fridays until 8. They specialize in unique and hard to find wines.

Umbrella Co is around there and would probably be a cool place to take older folks. They’ll get a kick out of how it looks and they have killer drinks.



Good call. Forgot about that place.

when we went to chi spacca, that’s exactly what we did. umbrella co. first, then chi spacca.
we did have a drink at the osteria next door just before chi spacca, but i don’t
recall it being anything special.

Flea asks what you mean by this “younger” thing.


I’ve been to their Sunday tastings, but not the 5 for 5. Fun and good?

Flea’s a regular at Shibucho.

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Just a couple of pours for a fiver. Nice quick stop. We actually bought one of the bottles from the tasting and 4 other ones. Came home and the tasting bottle was missing. Got to call them. This sunday was a special tasting but I missed. We’d go every week but they’re not fans of kids in there and we’re not getting baby sitters to go have a quick tasting.

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I’ve been pretty happy with every bottle that I’ve purchased there. Recently I opened a gruner and a nice chinon rose that I bought last year—both were really nice.

I second Melrose Umbrella Co.

They are by far my favorite wine shop in LA. They look for unique wines, many organic, natural ones as well. K&L is second.

Have you been to Silver Lakes Wines? I think you would like it.

I’ve heard tales! But it’s a bit too far out. I’ll drop in when in the neighborhood.

Wait isn’t that Lou’s shop? Which shop is Lou’s? I need to go see him

it is not Lou’s place. His place is called Lou’s Wine Shop and Tastings

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….and Lou does interesting tastings several times a week. He’s on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. get on his email list for the details of what he’s pouring.