Chicharonn tacos - best taco I've ever had

We first had these at our fave Mexican/Margarita place. So I bought (at our Latino market) pork skin/fat/meat. Cut them in thin slices and fried them up til super crispy. Fried corn tortillas, the ‘meat,’ a simple jalapeno/onion/cilantro mix, some black beans, avocados, and cheese. The key was the super crispy fried chicharrones. This will be a go-to.

I would call that a tostada.

I know you and others would. We call them small, folded burritos. The tortilla is fried but only a bit and it’s folded and eaten like a taco. I gotta tell ya those chicharrones were so scrumptious. That crunchy texture just made it.

If you fold the tortilla, then it’s a taco. In the photo it looks like it would crack if you tried.

Nope. It’s totally ‘fold-able’. We went to lunch today at our fave Mexican place and, when I described what we had, she offered me a job :smile:

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Here ya go, buddy.