Chichen Itza

@Jase, see @Aesthete’s answer. A little more than I remembered, but quite delicious. I can’t decide if I like creating octopus tacos or just devouring itself on its own more…

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Thanks. Yes, that is very good pricing. I usually am left wanting more after one tentacle. I can do a pound plus easily. I’ll definitely have to place a special order.

Tried Chichen Itza for the first time.

They had a beverage special - Atole de Coco. Delicious! One of the best hot beverages I’ve had in recent memory and a great deal too for $2.25. Highly recommended for anyone who loves coconut.

Minor quibbles with the savory courses - the salbute tortilla base was too greasy. Not sure if the frying oil was not hot enough. Would like a stronger flavor profile for the conchinita pibil - then again no expert on it and never tried the real deal in Mexico, so take it with a grain of salt.

Total damage ~$20 for everything!!! Terrific deal and all the food was served on proper non-disposable plates and silverware. Compared to my breakfast the prior day at GCM - $16 for slut and coffee…:smirk:


looks great! I really need to make it out there!

Did you try any of the grilled habanero salsa??

Does it typically come on the side? I was only offered the habanero sauce in the bottle.

Ask for the hotter one next time if you like hot. And def get the chicharron tacos.

Kerrr-rap, looks like they were holding out on the gringo! :rage:

I didn’t know until my 3rd visit when a fellow patron informed me of it. Now that I am more experienced I use both hot sauces. The vinegar based one for some brightness and the thicker one for a nice fruity kick. Really good inside the poc chuc torta IMO.


Ah, yeah, a while back they made the good grilled stuff off-menu, you have to ask for it haha

Honestly, for me that particular salsa is really what pushes the whole place over the edge. It’s so hot, but so insidiously flavorful, and I have never had another salsa like it. It kind of makes a lot of the dishes all come together (like the cochinita and asado).

I actually do prefer the boiled, standard salsa in their sopa de lima though (btw, one of the best soups in the city imo, although not as glamorous as many others that vie for the prize).

They used to serve both to patrons. But there was an incident there where someone was hospitalized from winning an eating contest involving the grilled kind, and ever since it became “you have to ask for it”. Man…I’ve been eating at Chichen Itza for a long time…

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That salbutes puffy tortilla looks way over-fried. Compare to my shot further upthread.

Had the salibutes today and it wasn’t over-fried at all. Just great.

Was in the area again over the weekend, and due to this thread, decided to revisit, though already previously deemed this place no better than XYZ, and really not worth the QPR + wait.

Called in an order of grilled sausage and poc chuc tacos and was told it’ll take 25 minutes. Lolz and canceled.

Seriously, wtf are they doing back there? It was well after the lunch crush and the food isn’t holy or anything (yes I’ve had the chicken asado, the pok chuc, the pibil + chicharron, and the oft touted grilled habanero salsa, blah blah blah).

Went to a barbacoa de borrego joint down the street and knocked out 2 tacos in 5 minutes, called in a Belcampo burger, ate the tacos and got the Poverty Burger in my hands in less than 25 min…

So, PFFFPT, F that noise.

They do that thing where they say it’ll take 25 and it often takes 10…

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Yeah, I once called in an order while 5 minutes away, and they said it’d be 25 minutes. I showed up in 5 minutes expecting to just chill there, but asked to pay when I got there and it was already ready… idk why they say it will take so long exactly.

Karma is a bitch, isn’t it?


Not at all; the barbacoa was far superior than anything to have come out of Chichen’s kitchen. Hangry wins every time, unless you’re David Chang.

If you’re going to game my time, you’re going to never get my money. Also, this isn’t the first, nor last time, FTC will fail its constituents.

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Yeah. I have never encountered a huge wait for food there. Ther Poc Chuc is pretty good, but on weekends, the only thing to get is the Lechon in the morning. Torta or taco. Otherwise, you are better off at Flor de Yucatan for pretty much everything else.


Wonder why you say that?

To my palette the grilled habanero salsa at CI is much better than the habanero sauce at FdY. Better tortilla’s, much better rice and beans, and plantains at CI…

What is it about FdY that makes it stand out to you? The only exception for me is the asado negro, which CI doesn’t offer.