Chicken Liver?


I am looking for a place with a good chicken liver dish, not pate or mousse but large pieces of liver. I saw alimento and sotto on previous discussions. Where else is there a good to chicken liver dish?


My kitchen :slight_smile:


Pizzeria mozza

alimento’s is a pate. sotto’s rigatoni with chicken liver is great.

House of Pies

Pizzeria Mozza has a nice chicken liver bruchetta which is normally chopped and not a mousse

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i’m not a liver fan but a friend loves the deep fried chicken livers at roscoe’s.

actually, i’m not a fan of roscoe’s either, but FWIW.

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Gjelina: Mary’s Chicken Liver Toast, Anchovy, Capers, Garlic, Parsley & Mustard Frill. Nice!


Animal: Chicken liver toast


The chicken livers are about all that could entice me back to Roscoe’s. We live near the Pasadena location and for the first few years would routinely take OOT visitors there … but aside from the mac’n’cheese and those livers, and I guess the greens (though they tend to be sweet – WHY??), there isn’t much I’m crazy about. The fried chicken is okay, but there’s better stuff up the street now.

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Great dish, but it’s a mousse.

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Sometimes their Red Beans and Rice are good too… sometimes.

The liver and onions at Pann’s is a solid bet.


The two best Ive found are Dan Tanas and Grillon the Alley.

Whole ones? At Grill on the Alley?

Was at Roscoe yesterday. Ordered the chicken liver but was told that they were out the whole day. Did not get any delivery. I was offered the gizzard as an alternative instead. The gizzard was tasty and chewy in a good way but no comparison with the livery taste and texture.

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Yeah… I don’t get why they have those chewy gizzards, but not savory, creamy, fried livers. Roscoe’s is coasting on name recognition now, and that’s all.

It’s why I said “my kitchen”. That’s where we get pan fried chicken livers & onions with eggs, grits & biscuits.

My bad. These are calf liver. The chicken liver pasta at Sotto is fantastic.

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Lol… I thought chicken livers were a little lowbrow for The Grill… or too inventive. They would never put them in a pasta like Sotto, which I will check out btw.

Sorry about that. Personally, I love chicken liver but generally only have it at home. The chicken liver ragu pasta at Sotto is off the chart good.