Chinese five spice mix on westside?

Trying to find a market on the west side that carries the red dye no 5 laden chinese five spice bbq rub that I can visit today during lunch hour. Let’s say in the Venice to Palms area along the Venice Blvd. corridor.

My best guess would be the Simpang market. They don’t open until 11am so can’t confirm. Any other ideas?

And for you purists out there… I will be grinding my own mix to accompany it but I find blending the real and artificial into one rub makes a winning recipe.

I can’t help you but I am curious…what are you making?

Pitmastering a friend’s party this weekend. Will use the five spice on either racks of ribs or maybe a bone-in chunk of pork belly.

Also plan on using some jerk rub and some classic santa maria rub on tri-tips.

Mixed grill I think they call it.

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Maybe also mitsuwa or marukai. Probably not the all in one liquid packs but I’m sure you could probably buy some five spice there.

Also Bahay Natin around culver city/palms a filipino market.

Called Mitsuwa and Bahay Natin. Struck out at both.


You might try more upscale markets like Whole Foods or Erowon in Venice because all those fancy organic spice companies have their variety. if that doesn’t work out, then the 99 Ranch in Gardena is not that far and is near some really good eats.


Marukai for the win! All the red dye no. 5 I can handle! Listed as a char sui, not five spice.

Nice store by the way. Hadn’t been in the Pico/Bundy location in decades. Prepared food section had Mitsuwa Mar Vista beat on price and quality. Good thing too, since it was a bit of a hike to do on a lunch break from Venice.


Glad it proved fruitful!