Chinese food around Diamond Bar?

I know the SGV Chinese food was moving East so are there any recommendations for Chinese food in Diamond Bar?

I’m coming from Chino Hills so it can’t too far West so Earthern is out and it needs to travel well as takeout back to the Chino Hills.

I like Tasty Box for take out Roast Duck and Char Shu


Their site

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Tons of them. There are other Chinese restaurants in the same center as Tasty Box, though you can’t go wrong there. (But depending where you’re going, that center might be a little bit out of the way.) Perhaps Chan Kee for HK style noodles etc. if you’re closer to the center of town.

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I am very partial to the Hainan chicken at Cluck2Go. It’s a small chain and I usually go to the Rowland Heights location. There’s one in Diamond Bar and I expect it would be very consistent.

The chicken, rice, sauces and soup are all superb. And while it’s not Flock and Fowl, I really love Cluck2Go in its own right. I’ve brought a few orders back to Orange County and they held up extremely well. Skip the eel fried rice if you are tempted to order that - it’s just ok.

1220 S Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA 91765


Yi Mei - breakfast

Longo Seafood - dim sum

The Noodle - BBQ and canto

Noodle House - seafood and/or seaweed soup, seaweed fish, noodles

Meet Fresh (coming soon) - tofu soup dessert, drinks

More places I like (though caveat that I haven’t been out there since covid started):

XLB Dumpling Bar (XLB, bao, dumplings, noodles)
Mimi 5 Bobee (beef noodle soup)
Seasons Cafe (Szechuan)
Old Chengdu (Szechuan)
Cachanilla (Mexicali-style Chinese)

Tons more in the area.

Anyone been to Broth?

Broth is great if, well, you like freshly prepared chicken broth. Mrs. Chandavkl does it all the time, so it wasn’t anything special for me.

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Ironically I’ve never actually gotten the chicken broth there, but the bowls are pretty good.

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I’ve never been but heard some mixed reviews on the board the past year. Do you like Longo better than Happy Harbor? We were thinking of doing take out dim sum this weekend.

In another thread, you talked about the negative commentary regarding Tasty Box.

Where did you hear that?

Is it a case of struggling in the beginning, but then later turning the food around?

I only have vague recollections of Tasty Box’s opening. The original word was that it was the successor to the beloved Embassy Kitchen in San Gabriel which served high quality Hong Kong style entrees, and which had to close when it lost its lease. Consequently expectations were high at the time when Tasty Box opened. As it turns out, Tasty Box was run by someone who had worked as a chef at Embassy Kitchen, but not the guiding spirit who I believe ended up at Ocean Bo in El Monte. To that extent, Tasty Box was a disappointment to many who expected something different. But for what it is, Hong Kong style bbq and noodles, which is not what Embassy Kitchen served, Tasty Box is fine.


It is the best in that area and OP specifically doesn’t want to travel to Rowland Heights. I only visited pre-pandemic and it was pretty good for dim sum, wasn’t too thrilled with the dinner. They recently closed and remodeled the entire restaurant and haven’t been there since the reopening nor takeout.

Anybody been to dim sum recently in the area? We’re thinking of going Friday for lunch and considering Happy Harbor, Longo Seafood (Chino Hills is same owners as Rosemead?) or New Capital Seafood. We haven’t been to any of these places since pre-pandemic or ever in the case of Longo.

I can vouch for Happy Harbor in Rowland Heights. I went a few months back for lunch and the quality remains the same.


Everybody loved the dim sum at Happy Harbor. I would not know since our family’s invitation was revoked. Or maybe we were never invited. Don’t ask - Thanksgiving family nonsense politics.