Chinese Lunar New Year, Year of the Rabbit, Jan. 22!

Great excuse to catch up on a few local Asian spots, getting my palate primed for some good eating during the Lunar New Year! Do you traditionally cook in, eat out? Please share your favorite dishes and venues…


Traditionally Chinese New Year’s is a home affair where the family gathers to eat special New Year dishes. However at least in Los Angeles more and more people eat out. Cost of private rooms is skyrocketing in particular this year.


Useful list of things to look for in restaurants:

Some of the ones I’ve had seemed to me more symbolic than delicious.


So far, we have enjoyed retro favorites at some local Asian spots: tender spareribs, wonton soup, moo shu pork, spicy Szechuan dumplings, Vietnamese lettuce wraps with beef, and a big bowl of special mixed Pho. Liking this culinary journey very much…

HUGS to everyone after hearing the tragic news this morning… Hope you and all your loved ones are all safe. As I watch the live coverage right now, hopefully they do have the guy.