Chinese or Thai on Christmas

This is our first Christmas where we are a bit orphaned, with no family gathering to attend, so we thought we’d get Chinese (Jewish Christmas dinner), but live on the Westside. I figure there won’t be much traffic, so maybe a trek to SGV, but also I thought I’d take advantage of the open streets and head to one of the great Thai restaurants in Hollywood.

I don’t know where to begin my search, or how to figure what’s open - any suggestions on what restaurants to put at the top of my list? Don’t want to drive to the SGV in vain, or aimlessly to Hollywood Blvd. however would prefer to stay local, and none in our little group are very adventurous eaters.

As Mr.Gold says the house special crab at either branch of Seafood Palace (nee Village) is really good.

Tasty Garden. ALWAYS the Tasty Garden(s).

You won’t “drive to the SGV in vain”. It is literally impossible. I mean… The 2 words don’t belong in the same sentence.


Thank you @TonyC. When I said “in vain”, I meant driving there to find places closed, and no real direction.

any chinese place closed for christmas will be the exception. i recall it being SRO for dim sum last year.

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I’m doing the traditional Jewish x-mas—movie + chinese or thai food. my friend that I’m going with is also not an adventurous eater, although she likes more “americanized” chinese food and “mild-hot” thai. sooooo depending on what movie we see and what part of town we’re in, we will probably end up either @ Red Corner Asia or Yang Chow in Chinatown (I know, I know, I know----but there is no way I’ll be able to get her to the SGV and she likes the slippery shrimp).

Red Corner Asia is in the same mini-mall as Ruen Pair (and I would prefer eating there if that’s where I’m going) on Hollywood blvd. The food is tasty and not overly challenging and the atmosphere is brighter than many thai places in thai town. I haven’t actually been to Yang Chow since the mid-90s (lol) so I’m hoping that the quality hasn’t slipped too far since then.

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Don’t go to Yang Chow without a reservation….

That busy, huh?

I think we’ll most likely end up in Thai town since it’s closer and I imagine we’ll probably be @ the Arclight or the Grove for our movie.

I’ll be at Arclight too! Palm’s Thai is open. Here is a list from Yelp of what should be open christmas day…,+Los+Angeles,+CA


Fellow Jewish-xmas-er here. Plan to eat a touch on the early side. ‘Chinese and a movie’ is no longer the guarantee of empty restaurants and empty theaters.

Last year they ran out of the hand torn noodles at 101 Noodles Express by 8pm, and were also out of a couple of types of bao.

What I guess I’m saying is, dinner first.

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if thanksgiving is any indication, 5-5:30 = empty restaurant, 7-8pm = line up outside

I’m not a big fan of Palm’s thai. A friend of mine from South Africa just LOVES the food there, so she dragged me there about a year ago (I hadn’t been there in forever). The food was ok, just not memorable. I’d rather go to Ruen Pair for that sort of Thai food. But if Elvis is performing, at least there is the kitsch factor.

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We’re probably going to do lunch, or eat mid-afternoon.

Greenblatt’s is open.

true. but after all the hanukkah food (and I’m making a big batch of matzah ball soup next week), thai sounds better to me than deli. i’m also thinking of making a Langer’s run next week since I’m on vacation and can get there before their closing time.

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  1. Sea Harbour

  2. Seafood Palace (nee Seafood Village) in Temple City

  3. China Red

  4. NewPort Seafood

In that order.


Are you suggesting a food crawl?


That was just my listing of my order of preference if one were to choose just one place to go for Xmas dinner.

I, unlike the rest of the @chandavkl clan, do not have an appetite that would make the Grand Canyon look like a pothole.

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If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be mirugai at Sea Harbour.

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Echoing TonyC and secretasianman (barry), you won’t be making the drive in vain, because Christmas in the SGV is just Friday. It’s wide open, you’ll have to look fairly hard to find places that are closed.