Chinese translations sought (more signs in windows)

A couple of more translations of signs in windows needed (and greatly appreciated)…

Bugged my wife. She says the gist of top image says something about construction and inventory. The bottom line mentions that they are closed.

The second image announces temporary closure. For frozen products, please call…


For shop decorations, please call 626…
Shop is renovating, thank you.

Shop is renovating. With respect to needed delivery of cold/frozen food products, please call 626—

Many thanks.


Bulavinaka, J_L, thanks! Hmm. Now the question is exactly how long has it been this way (can’t go by Yelpers at all :slight_smile:) …and are they serious about re-opening.

Are these from two different places? Phone numbers are different. Seems like the stores are closed, but still take phone orders. My opinion is that they will not re-open.

Same place. I thought that odd too, at least going by normal window sign protocol.

That’s my take as well, that the place is done. For a “renovation”, the interior is completely gutted with no signs of it being in transition.

The second note said “This shop has temporary stopped renovation”…


Thank you liq. All the more reason that I’m not hopeful.

If I were a betting man, “renovation” usually means going out of business or shutting the storefront, or selling the business (e.g. to debt collectors if they squandered the business money at the craps table, or they are going through an audit). Or maybe they do have legit facilities issues that require the storefront to shut down operations (and thus taking other measures). Renovation is a way of “saving face”.



And to stop renovations? Well… You can read between the lines on that.


Yeah, that’s what I figured as well. What threw me is there wasn’t a stepladder in front of the door :laughing:

“Stop renovations” could be interpreted as legalese for cease and desist for operation/function. Maybe there’s also confiscation (of evidence) involved. Follow the money and see where it leads.

Maybe this thread should be really titled “Mandarin saving face interpretations and polite speak to legalese translations sought”


The sign says,

those who cannot read Chinese are doomed to a life of cold Orange Chicken and over soy sauced fried rice. For lessons please call this number


And the number connects to David Chang who will come to your door dressed as a Domino’s pizza delivery guy, and you will be given a whole pie of orange chicken pizza with kimchi and matcha powder, and given a lecture about how authenticity isn’t everything.


Hey! Be nice! 我只知道第一年中文! :smiley: For the record, I would have taken Chinese 2 had I been aware that there was a class taking place in the area. It has not been held since that semester.

At least I’ve made an effort, which has been of great assistance, despite my admittedly limited skill(s). The most pronounced of which is reading comprehension (again, beyond the most basic stuff).

Someone should start a food language school. You would learn to say please and thank you, where is the restroom, plus the main menus of Japanese, Italian, Chinese. Thai, Spanish, or whatever cuisine you like. Final exams would be at the appropriate restaurant.


For the latest installment, this note in the door of the recently opened Mr. Fish on Main in Alhambra (apologies for the reflection, other angles proved worse):

I can do that and a bit more in Spanish and Portuguese. I think your idea is brilliant.

Dear customers and friends,

“Shop name” is stopping business immediate and will be opened again on 9/10. We’ll have a new look for the customers and thank you for the welcome and those who return! We apologize for the inconvenience and than you for understanding!

Contact #: x (xxx) xxxxxxx
Contact Person: xx

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um, what if i wrote this in cantonese?