Chong Qing Xiao Mian - Fremont

Found this place on Yelp and it seemed promising, as do several other places in this mall at the corner of Fremont and Paseo Padre, which is an easy stop on my way to or from work.

Cucumber ($6) was good, not as spicy as some I’ve had but nice ma la.

Intestine with preserved mustard ($13) was tasty though I could have used more preserved vegetable. From the photo on the menu I expected a dry dish, which they also have.

House cold noodles ($7) were good though I could go for more chile and ma la.

That was a lot of food for one, took more than half home. I’ll be back to try more things. I’ll post the menu later.

I guess they’re connected with all these other restaurants.

Since I can’t find an online menu, I’ve uploaded it. Any suggestions on likely best things to order? Click to see the full images.