Choosing between EMP and Brooklyn Fare

Hi folks,

Longtime lurker on FTC seeking people’s opinions on this. I will be in NYC in March for a night and have reservations at EMP and Brooklyn Fare for that night. Trying to decide which one to go to. Any thoughts?

If it helps, my fine dining experiences have been limited to CA, and primarily LA. Places I’ve loved include Shunji, Le Comptoir, n/naka, Quince, Urasawa, CUT, Shin, and Mori. Also enjoyed Providence and Vespertine, although I thought both were a bit overrated.

Any help would be appreciated!

Looks like you like Japanese food so Brooklyn fare. Even if you didn’t like Japanese food, Brooklyn fare, not even close.


I’ve only been to EMP but i would vote BK fare as well! I’ve been wanting to go for ages.

+1 :point_up_2:. Granted I have not been to EMP.

@jntcho go, they don’t skimp on the fancies

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I much prefer Brooklyn Fare over EMP and it’s not even close. But then I enjoy Providence over quite a few 3 McChelin restaurants including EMP and don’t think that n/naka is that great.

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rip i just downgraded my amex platinum… we’re trying to go to CTBF in june! it’s been at the top of my wishlist next to atomix which has also been impossible to book :frowning: any tips/tricks to booking either would be much appreciated…!

FWIW I just called their reservation line when it opened on Monday morning (10 AM) and was able to get through. I had two phones and called on both. My call from the first phone would ring for a while and then disconnect, and that happened several times. My call from the second phone started ringing the first time I called and never stopped. Eventually, after about 3-5 minutes, the reservationist picked up my call from the second phone.

Maybe I just got lucky, but it’s worth a shot to just try calling (with a couple phones!)

thanks!! are the reservations available on monday just for that week only?

Do you have any Visa signature credit card? If you do, you can ask their concierge to book CTBF for you which was what I did. I was told that they have a 90% success rate in getting a resy there.

Oh I do have the amazon prime visa, i think it might be signature. Will check, thanks for the tip!

They open up reservations about 5 weeks in advance, Monday at 10 AM. So for example I called Monday 2/10 at 10 AM for a reservation the week of 3/16-3/22.

got it. thanks!!