Ciao Bob is happy to be here


Site looks very useful. Thanks to Robert for setting it up.


Ciao ,
Looking forward to this new website . Have you found out where Sergio is cooking ? It’s one of my reasons to drive south .
Emglow 101


When westsidegal chimes in, she’ll let all of us know.


Thanks Ipse ,
She was the Gal who turned me onto the great eateries in LA . Same to you .


ElsieDee / Laura checking in - starting to poke around a bit, too, to get a feel for the capabilities.

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Hello Wienermobile is here too…. :flushed:


Thanks for setting this up. I look forward to participating here. Cheers!


Ditto: Thanks to Kevin form letting me know.


Thanks @Ciaobob for the email about FTC. Major props to @Robert for creating this site — so elated to see the re-emergence of witty and playful banter I enjoyed reading on the LA pages of the other site before the bans and exoduses.