Citrin opens on Thursday

Josiah Citrins new, less formal restaurant Citrin will be open starting this Thursday. They’re taking reservations at the Melisse website. Walk-ins at the prodigiously-sized bar are welcome.

Melisse will continue as a formal fine dining experience in an intimate space at the same venue (formerly “the Olivia Room”) now a separate room with it’s own kitchen and it’s own entrance on Wilshire Blvd. Melisse’s opening to be announced.

Citrin is accessed on 11th St through the big red door.

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right off the bat, Melisse’s tasting menu is LA’s most expensive one at $295pp :money_mouth_face:

A distant second to Urasawa.

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Easy pass for me, at that price


This is what, $100 more than it was before? I guess that makes sense given fewer seats. It really was exquisite as Melisse-only though.

I wonder what the Citrin pricing will be like?

Yikes, with Santa Monica 10.25% sales tax, plus 20% tip, that is $384 out the door before you have touched alcohol, unless he is including service in the price.

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Unlikely. Melisse was charging $275pp for their carte blanche before they closed.

Never been to Melisse. If that was $275, then he has only raised his price a mere $20 to $295. He must figure there is an audience for it in a smaller space based on the number of covers he was doing at Melisse.

+1. I think I’d be more interested in this than tasting menu only (for a variety of reasons).

The new Melisse will have only 14 seats. It’s a lot easier to get three Michelin stars with fewer covers. Smart move.

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I can think of a lot that might be included for that price but none of them are (in the strictest sense) food.

Went to a preview at Citrin tonight. Terrific. There are some standouts from the Melisse menu - the egg caviar, lobster bolognese, truffle risotto, the scallops (I think). The sirloin’s sauce seemed familiar too. All were executed, presented and hit all the right buttons in the mouth. Delicious. And there are many more new offerings. There was a beet puree and caviar on pumpernickel (who ever thought pumpernickel could that good?) - just one big yum. Lamb sugo gnocchi (or was it angilotti?) also the Dover sole which I’ve had at Melisse, but now with a new recipe. Double yum. The crispy chicken “mornay” balls will be something I’m going to look forward to when I sit at the bar solo. Citrin is going to be a hit. Oh - and the place looks great. I never had issues with the old look - but I know many did. But this place could very well get restaurant design awards. Chic and cosmopolitan. With contemporary art. It reminds of a restaurant in Paris but I can’t remember the name.


Tied with vespertine

didn’t realize vespertine raised their price…grant achatz named dropped vespertine a few days ago on the 'gram again

Chad Robertson and Nick Balla.

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Melisse resos now open. Mélisse - Santa Monica, CA | Tock

Cost breakdown for two without drinks:

Order Summary
Chef's Tasting Menu × 2           $590.00
White truffle × 2                 $350.00
Gratuity 20%                      $188.00
Tax 10.25%                         $96.35
Total                           $1,224.35
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or you can select “no gratuity” :smiling_imp:

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I need to move out of LA.