Clifton's Cafeteria - can QPR be a negative value?

It’s my childhood on a tray…
Photo by thirstyinla

and really STUPID sometimes.

the thing that kills me, and I’m not even gonna click over to confirm, I’m “ASSuming” K.E didn’t grow up eating this.


If there is QPR inversion, then it calls for a stat Cardiology consult. Oy, my heart hurts.

Clifton’s just sucks.

There’s nothing good about it. Even the nostalgia about the place is kind of gross.

You want cafeteria? In downtown? Go to the Gas Tower Co. cafeteria (aka Blue Flame Cafe, with the menu here and here) on the NE corner of 5th and Grand.

Thank me later. Or never, for all I care.


I agree. Don’t mean to piss in anyone’s cornflakes but the only time I ate there years ago, the experience was of the take a few bites and push the plate away variety. The food was on the level of a (shitty) hospital cafeteria.






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I actually quite enjoyed KevinEats’ review. Very sad about the food though. In my youth, I adored Clifton’s. Perhaps some negative reviews and they will clean up their act and have better food? Or is it impossible today, with labor costs, high rent and cost of ingredients, to produce decent food at low prices? I don’t know.

Now I remember why the Clifton’s in Century City closed. The food sucked. Too bad there isn’t a Golden Corral around, they would put Clifton’s to shame. And Golden Corrals ain’t that great.

A two word review: Shit Sandwhich


This just in…Opening Chef Out! Boy that was fast….

Funny. I checked Yelp and it seems a former employee left a review…and not a nice one regarding management.

Still scared.

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@kevin I promise this weekend The Auto Show then Clifton’s….

Thanks man.

Really fucking appreciate it.

And if it’s terrible and not what you imagined just hike up to the fucking GCM:

hit up the GCM burger, wexler’s, some coffee and you’re good to go.

or you can drown in your sorros at Clifton’s with a few of their mixed drinks in the bar over there.

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I have to try Clifton’s…but I expect to be very disappointed….

waiting with bells on…

I’m going to the auto show, too. =) It’s a Nov ritual. Will probably try to hit up Colori Kitchen or Wood Spoon, though…

I would normally head to GCM but I have wanted to try Clifton’s for the last 4 years…Wood Spoon Pot Pie :relaxed:…Enjoy.

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Same with us. It’s as much an excuse to eat downtown as it is to go to the car show. I’m thinking brunch at Wexler’s and dinner at Broken Spanish.


Here’s an Idea…I could do GCM for lunch and Clifton’s for dinner… It’s a win - lose. Expo line here I come!

we eagerly await your reports.

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