Coffee Shops with seating + bathrooms. (

I am going insane in my apartment. Does anybody know of any coffee shops that are allowing indoor seating and have available bathrooms. You know, like the old times? I’ve been striking out in Highland Park/Chinatown. At this point, I’m desperate. Just don’t wanna go to the westside.

Bonus points if they can make a decent cortado.

Is the indoors of it totally necessary? I’ve worked at row dtla a couple times, plentiful nice seating, good Internet, easy bathrooms, free parking for 2 hrs, decent food options.

I assume no luck at the GGET/Hippoplex? And have you considered… Hermosillo?

Edit: maybe Laveta coffee? Or I think they have a similar outdoor/wifi/bathroom setup.

Verve DTLA has indoor seating plus bathrooms.

What is the coffee situation at Row DTLA anyway? I did really like the cortado at Paramount Coffee Project but it looks like they are closed?

At the Row it’s Dulce Dos. It’s not great but quite serviceable.

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Co-Working places are selling day passes. With Love Market in University Park (Right outside of DTLA) s a mix of a Co-Working and Cafe. They have an indoor loft that is pretty isolated and you can work for a couple of hours. $5 per…

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I noticed Blue bottle dtla has indoor seating

Cafe Dulce / GGET

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Oh gosh hadn’t even thought of row dtla that’s perfect.

Haven’t tried GGET recently, but that isn’t my favorite space. Also, I had not considered Hermosillo but now I am!

That’s great to know. I haven’t been here but the space looks gorgeous.

I forgot – there are actually two Verve DTLA locations. The location on Spring St is definitely open indoors. The location in the Arts District by Bavel (which has a much nicer interior) is probably open, but I haven’t checked.

I agree that Blue Bottle DTLA by Grand Central Market appears to have indoor seating, but when I went I didn’t see anyone sitting there, so I can’t confirm.

I was told by an ex-PCP barista that the owner folded it all up and moved back to Sydney. Social hasn’t been updated in a while (or at least for the LA location) but does instill some uncertainty by leaving the temp closed status.

I was at Swork in Eagle Rock two weeks ago and they had both indoor seating and bathrooms. They also have a private patio around the back. Don’t know if they do a cortado.

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