Colatura di Alici? Where to buy in Los Angeles?


Eataly does not have it.

Thank you.

(Yes, I know I can order it from Amazon, but looking for brick-and-mortar.)

Just substitute with the best offerings from Phú Quốc

Guidi Marcello

Looks like Amazon stopped carrying it.

I wonder if no retailer ever reorders it because everyone who buys it decides there’s no reason to pay the premium over Red Boat and never buys another bottle.

Surfas used to carry it, maybe when their food sales are back up and running…

Bingo. Thank you.

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Have you used it before? I’m curious if you find it better than Red Boat. I didn’t.

Not sure better is the right word here.

Colatura is different than Red Boat.

The stuff from Cetara is a bit more complex and less fishy than what Phu Quoc has made famous. Both are equally umami-ious, however.

If I made the same dish with the colatura I’ve had and with Red Boat 40 and tasted them blind, I’m not sure I could tell the difference. But there are at least ten different ones on the market.

Saison’s gargouillou a few years back included some outstanding fish sauce, but they wouldn’t tell me what it was, only that it was not house-made and not Red Boat.

Terrific. Now I need another condiment. It sounds beautiful.

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sounds like i need this

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It’s like single malt scotch. Between Scottish and American single malts there’s a discernible difference, even accounting for the nascent stage of development of American single malts. Even though both are made from barley the differences in casks, aging, temp, climate, etc all impart slight nuances that are not insignificant.

I used to think that Italian and Vietnamese anchovy “nectar” were interchangeable but I’ve since come to learn that they are anything but.

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The new Italian shop next to Terroni in DTLA is worth checking out. I don’t know if it has colatura, but overall it’s a fine store that’s much better than I would have expected.

Do you mean Dopolavoro? Are they even open yet?

What are you planning to do with it?

Lemon risotto with bottargo

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To me there’s a point of diminishing returns for that sort of thing. I might buy a $50 bottle of Calvados because it tastes so much better than a $25 bottle, but if a $100 bottle tastes only 10% better, eh.

That’s how I feel about the LaFerrari. I mean, I can buy eggs at the market in my LaFerrari in about 10 minutes, but I could also do the same trip in about 12 minutes in my Aprilia RSV4, but the F-car is about 40x more expensive than my 2-wheeler.

Think that will be too fishy … bottarga & fish sauce… recommend using a nice fish stock instead & bottarga. Btw picked up some sorrento lemons at eataly a week ago, not sure if they still have any.

I didn’t see a name, but it appears to be called Dopolavoro. Yes, it’s open, and definitely worth stopping by.