Colette - an American brunch eatery that is now a Chinese restaurant powerhouse

check out this new restaurant Kristie and eater discovered!!


Lai, who cooked at the famed Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong earlier in his career

Anyone know if Sergio cooked at Spring Moon at the Peninsula hotel? That’s the famed Cantonese restaurant that’s typically associated with the hotel. And if he did, I wonder what his position was when he worked there.


They used to give FTC shoutouts but that seems to have changed.


Maybe Kristie hang don’t play that.

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Went this AM at opening for a light breakfast as my wife and I weren’t exactly starving but we both thought it would be a good chance to see what all the fuss is about. after visiting, this is clearly one of the go-to spots for elevated Cantonese food and they have one of the more interesting menus in town. We only ordered 4-5 dim sums and the sticky fried rice and all of them were delightful and fully deserving of the hype here.

With that said, pacing and service were borderline atrocious. It probably took an 1.1-5 hours to be served all of the dim sum. After an hour we asked about a lo mai gai and the server said they make everything fresh to order and they were finishing prepping it. It didn’t come out until we finished paying close to an hour later. From what I saw the regular menu items were being churned out of the kitchen pretty quickly so we concluded that they must have been down a dim sum chef. I get that they’re different parts of the kitchen but maybe don’t offer dim sum if you haven’t prepped anything.

In any event, the lag in pacing allowed us to marvel at many of the main dishes already seen here and we want to go back. Hopefully the post-Eater hype train doesn’t derail the kitchen/service. In case you’re wondering, there were about 20-25 folks waiting before opening at 10:30 and the dining room was packed - including the outdoors in about 15 mins.

Overall a great preview. I would say the only thing holding it back is the space itself - it is spartan and tiny - not quite on the grand level of some of the other banquet style canto places. I’m also not sure if the space is going to limit the kitchen from churning out consistently good food with this level of demand. We’ll be back to see if they worked the kinks out.


Nobody makes them to order so that is guaranteed to be a lie. They probably meant that they steam them to order.

Oh we definitely knew that. The servers were pretty frazzled as it was so I didn’t feel like dunking on them. This was after we landed on the missing dim sum chef hypothesis so that just confirmed everything. FWIW, it was tasty when it finally landed with the bill but they forgot to melt cheese on it which might have actually been a positive. :rofl:

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For sure! They should pan-fry them instead.

Growing too fast too soon can be as detrimental as not growing fast enough. Glad food quality isn’t suffering.


it always felt frazzled even when it was slow. Not sure what it is. Every time I’ve gone they’ve missed a dish, from when it’s busy to when we’re one of the only tables there.

I’m guessing they need more kitchen staff?


For us, it’s the kind of restaurant we’d eat at often if it were nearby, but we wouldn’t drive to north Pasadena again to eat there. No complaints (or raves) about the food. We agree with others that the service is off (e.g., we shouldn’t have to remind the waiter that we ordered tea). But I could tell they were trying.

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FWIW they put together a really nice tea list too.