Coming Attraction

Don’t forget about Charlie. . .:sunglasses::unicorn:

Ha! Looking like a 12 year old at 50 works at the Newport location.

Long as it’s dark enough and you had a decent plastic surgeon.

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Yeah, yeah. You’ve got my number, BC. But that was supposed to be a friendly reply, not hostile in the least.

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I act like a 12 year old and still get carted and that is with NO surgery!
I’ve seen the new money in Newport with all those fish lip hags…they always forget to do their hands tho’…that’s where the age of a women really shows.

I look forward to going to Red O but probably for a happy hour.


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Did you see the coupon Dr. for the Supernatural Sandwiches for $10 on $20 for 2 sandwiches from travelzoo that I posted?
Always enjoy seeing you post…along with the other goofballs on this forum!


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Oooooo…a hand lift?

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No, somehow I missed seeing the coupon for Supernatural Sandwiches. Actually, I still haven’t even been there. I’m waiting for them to open up a sister restaurant in the Bay Park / West Clairemont area…as though that’s likely to happen in the near future.

Excluding Brian aka RB Hound…

Just got out of da big house again…
Enough time to post on my hand lift comment. . .solid.

Here you go Charlie. . .

Too bad I won’t be back in town till June from da islands or I could of seen Sledge at HH at Red O’!


Per the National Enquirer, shouldn’t you posting a different pic of you in cute lil’ chiffon number?

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That reminds me of Al Czervic saying to Judge Smails “Oh, it looks good on you though.”

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SOooooo…has anyone actually been to Red O yet

I’m surprised DD you haven’t been yet…
Going in June after vaca. .

Haven’t had any time yet to go

We have dinner reservations next week.

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yes they’re open. I was not impressed with their brunch, though