Congee in 2021

I’m having a tooth problem that I hope is solved late this afternoon. Any congee favorites out there? The board search came up with mentions well before our public health disaster.

I’m allergic to shellfish and eat almost all other things. I live in Boyle Heights and get into SGV regularly - rarely go westside.

I really like the juk at Alice’s Kitchen in Monterey Park, and, in a stunning twist where the namesake dish of the restaurant is actually NOT BAD (I’m lookin’ at you, La Paella), try the congee at The Congee in Alhambra.

The peanut gallery will probably put this link up sooner or later, so even though I don’t always agree with these lists, it’s at least informational…

Wishing you excellent future dental health.


Little Sister has chao served with a freshly fried donut. The chicken option should work but not sure if it has shellfish or not.

When I had a tooth problem, I went to Sam Woo and got a jook with duck eggs and roasted pork but I am sure it had shellfish in the broth. Not sure if that helps you but it was delicious and a healthy portion.


Thanks! And fingers crossed for my follow up today. Last night for dinner I went to Congee out in Monterey Park and got the beef + garlic congee, pan fried dumplings, special rolls and dumpling lo mein. (It’s a lot but I was thinking of future soft meals.)

I liked it, didn’t love it, and will eat the left overs. As the dental referrals pile up I’ll continue to look for and report on soft food.


A board topic focusing on soft foods would be great!

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In terms of soft food, the family seems to have preferred Gerber over Beech-Nut.


Not my business what the dental issue is, but, if it causes pain like having one’s braces tightened, I did often find that soft things that still require chewing (like tortillas) were surprisingly painful.

Looking forward to your reports. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, tortillas aren’t great because they’re a little sticky. I want to say the word “toothsome” but I’m pretty sure that means sweet.

(Even before the toothpain I was trying to live my life with my brains for these kinds of questions, and not relying on my short term memory killer, the internet search.)

PTSD triggered