Coni’Seafood #2

The Cosio go round continues!

If you have driven past the old Mariscos Chente on Centinela in Mar Vista/Playa Vista location hoping for a Sergio sighting… you might have noticed something else… it’s gone through a COMPLETE remodel and name change to Coni’Seafood! Although Sergio is indeed gone… the chef is within the family and the peeps are just as good! The Ceviche… the Zarandeado… the surprise of the night was the Boracho shrimp! I’ve always askewed it as gimicky which seemed confirmed when that the only dish highlighted from the previous location on the most recent LA visit of Parts unknown… but honestly it was lucious. The right balance of dried chile’s and other herbs and a slick tequila sauce. It was one of the few that I have ever had at any of their restaurant that wasn’t over sauced or too one note… it’s going to be a regular order for sure!

They still are setting things up so as always bring cash and some patience… but it’s so nice to have it back and with a bit more polish closer to where we usually roam…



Well that was quick. I went by Thursday night and no one was there and all kinds of stuff was in the middle of the floor.

The camarones boracho is a must-order for us. I’m glad that dish is still around. And thanks for letting us know they’re open now!


I went for lunch a couple weeks back and am happy to say that the quality was up to par with every other meal I’ve had the original Coni’Seafood. I love this place.

I had the Boracha shrimp, which was as good as ever. But I’m all about that marlin taco life, babyyyy.

Probably worth noting that there were far more tables filled for that one lunch than I had ever seen at Mariscos Chente combined. A bit sad. I do miss the Serge, but I’m also rooting for Coni and look forward to going back.


I went with a fairly large group.
Agree that MOST dishes are great but there were a few that I thought Sergio does quite a bit better.
Here’s how it broke down for me:

As Good As Ever
Pescado Zarandeado (and heavenly Onions)
Marlin Tacos
Shrimp Borrachos
Shrimp Pimienta
Rice with Corn
Shrimp Aquachiles (less spicy that previously, more flavorful)

Not So Hot
Ceviche Marinera - really lame (I know that’s not terribly descriptive), mushy shrimp, sauce had almost no zip
Chicharron Pescado - the was way off the Sergio mark as well.


This may be sacrilege, but I think the onions truly make the dish.


Hardly sacrilege.


Sacrilege to think that’s sacrilege.


Been twice now for lunch, well three times if you include the time they were closed due to a refrigeration malfunction and went elsewhere.

First time, we went and got served their salsa. Isn’t this the exact same salsa they served at Mariscos Chente? Now, it was his mother’s restaurant, from what I read, so it makes sense that they both use the same recipe. It is soo hot but sooo good!!IMG_20180201_143518_231

We got an appetizer - wanted to get the aguachile but the waitress said it had the same flavors as the salsa, so I worried it might be overkill, so got something else instead. Can’t remember what. Added pulpo.


Then got the whole snook. Way too much food. Took most of the fish home for leftovers.


The next lunch we decided to just go for the snook and start with something small that could cut the heat of the salsa. Last time, I saw what I thought was a small guac coming out of the kitchen, but the waitress said they didn’t have any guacamole. She recommeded pico de gallo. My husband was in heaven! He thought it was delicious, and it did cut the heat of the salsa.


We almost didn’t order the snook because the cook was a very young, friendly guy. I thought maybe he wouldn’t have the expertise or experience but I was wrong!



All gone!!


The service this time was slow as a large party arrived and overwhelmed the one waitress, but the cook helped out here and there, like when we didn’t have any tortillas. She apologized when she brought the bill, but we didn’t care bc we came for the snook and knew it would take a while. Thrilled this place is on the westside!!


Thanks for that not so hot list! I wanted to try the chicharron pescado but sounds like it’s a no-go.

Went back recently and tried some new items. Last time I went, they were playing bad mexican pop, which they tend to play too loudly. I asked them to change the music to boleros, which husband loves, and they did! There is a channel on those music channels that does just boleros. Luckily, every one seemed to enjoy the music, and the cook even started belting some lines out and dancing. This time, the music was low, so I didn’t bother. Really hate bad pop. The worst is the soundtrack they play at Lukshon.

Okay, this hot sauce is soooo addictive. I could drink bowls of it, if my lips would not swell and my nose run like it does when I have too much.

Thanks to FTC, I tried the drunken shrimp. Delicious!!

Don’t forget to suck out the juices from the shrimp heads, if you dare.

We tried this ceviche and finished it off, except for the oysters. I had one, which was fine, but not a fan of the large ones served raw.

A good way to cut the heat if you consume too much of the salsa, is the pico de gallo.

So happy this place to close to my home. :grin:


I eat the heads whole.


Yum!! Will try one that way next time. I’ve only eaten them whole when they’re deep fried.

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yup. They are great.


This sounds like common sense, but just in case…

A shrimp’s head can easily puncture a mouth if not eaten correctly. Look at it in the eyes, thank it for sacrificing its yummy self for my sorry ass, lay it flat on my molars with the business end pointed forward, and crunch away gently at first to break up the sharp pointy parts. Once the sharp ends have been neutralized, munch away and enjoy.


Well said indeed good sir!

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