Coni Seafood in MDR

Meeting up with a good friend for lunch. Haven’t seen any recent threads on the MDR location. What should I order? Will try anything and everything, so don’t hold back!

not at this location…but their other location we always call ahead to preorder the snook before we arrive. you don’t have to, but it does take about 40 min. marlin tacos, aguachile, any of the shrimp dishes…

how big is the snook? for 1.5 hearty appettites… will we be able to order much more than that?

guestimating but it’s usually 1.5-2 lbs? it’s just me and the wife and two toddlers that don’t eat much, but we can’t ever go there without ordering it. you can def. ask for a smaller one to see if they can accomodate?

Do you mean the location on Centinela. I haven’t been in yrs, but I really liked the marlin tacos (very smoky, which some people don’t like).

I know the snook gets all the raves, but I actually think the snook is most notable for the sauteed onions that accompany it…


My favorites there are the Aguachiles and the Camarones Borrachos.


Definitely get a few of the ceviches.

This is going against the grain here but the snook is not as interesting as the cooked shrimp dishes.

If I was to return to Coni/106 Underground I personally would skip the snook.

Hopefully Coni is in the kitchen when you go


Thanks! Will have to save the snook for when I go with my two sons, who eat like pigs.