Cooler-friendly Potluck Dishes - Maybe Cinco de Mayo theme

We’re potlucking at my kids’ soccer tournament this weekend with the team. Any suggestions for a cooler-friendly dish? We’re leaving at 7:30AM and will not have access to any electricity or facilities because the tournament is at a soccer/sports complex, so I’ll need something that can hold up in a cooler. Bonus points if the dish is Mexican or Mexican-inspired…it is Cinco de Mayo weekend. I’m drawing a blank…I can only think of a grilled corn salad with tomatoes, avocado, and a cilantro-lime dressing. Other folks have already volunteered salsa, guacamole, and 7-layer dip.

How about Mexican-inspired deviled eggs? Mix in some jalepenos, cumin, sour cream, lime, etc. and garnish with off-the-cob elote nibblets.

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If you can keep this chilled, this (non-Mexican) layered salad is terrific. And my little grands ate it also.

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Tortas! I’ve made or ordered many cemita or cubano tortas over the years for similar situations. My favorite is the Milanese, which is good hot or cold.

Tortas (Serious Eats)`

You can go to Northgate and get fillings and fresh bolillos, if you want to make your own.

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Hi @attran99 -

Your corn salad idea seems great.

I’m on the late freight. But for future reference, in this situation, I wouldn’t do anything fussy, or gourmet or attempt something new. My vote is Mexican 7-layer Dip & Chips (sturdy ones). You can always gussy up the layers - season the beans really well, make your own guacamole, sprinkle a little taco seasoning. Plus, unlike guacamole on its own, the avocado layer won’t turn brown when sitting. It always amazes me how much folks love this simple dish.

Also, cold or room temp. fried chicken works. You can order a fresh batch from a grocery store (we like Ralphs).

Happy Soccer Mom-ing!

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I might have gotten this wrong. You meant people volunteered to take these or volunteered it as a suggestion for you? Either way my post stands. :smiley:

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I never had a seven-layer dip until I attended Fourth of July potluck in small-town Wisconsin. It was so good!

Everyone was amused at how impressed I was with this amazing invention


That is funny!

The tortas was a fabulous idea…and one that went over well with the boys and their parents. I didn’t do Milanese, but rather chose ham and turkey. You were so right, picking up most of the ingredients from Northgate made assembling the tortas super easy.
I also had a margarita station set up in my cooler for the adults…if we have to be on the field all day, we deserve some cocktails!
Thanks all for your ideas.


I’m so glad it worked out for you!

And you are probably every parent’s favorite team mom for that brilliant “margarita bar in a cooler” idea. :wink:


Some days it’s a mimosa bar cooler. :wink: