Copenhagen Recs that don't break the bank

Hi all, I’m going with my family to Copenhagen and Denmark in a few weeks from the states. We are not picky and are looking to explore a lot of Danish and Nordic food - traditional and new. We’re also open to other cuisines as well - after a very brief search was thinking Hija De Sanchez/Sanchez. I’d say for dinner we’re trying to keep it under $45 per person (~300 DKK/Kr). Possibly one place where we would splurge a bit more.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks - anything you can think of! Particularly, what are your guys’ favorites for smørrebrød?

Thank you for the help!

These won’t disappoint nor break the bank. We’d return to both.

Thank you for the help!

I don’t necessarily have first hand experience with all of the below, but I sent this list to a friend who was visiting Copenhagen after we went:

For smorrebrod:
Palaegade - went and highly recommend; modern take on smorrebrod, and the chef formerly worked at Schonnemann’s below
Schønnemann - didn’t go here, but this is supposed to be THE classic place to go

Kodbyens Fiskebar - I went on a previous trip and loved all the seafood; depending on what you order, this might clear your per meal budget, but the oysters are the best I can remember eating

Pony - I didn’t go, but it’s more casual food from the same people who did Kadeau, which I completely loved; my friends did go and thought it was wonderful

Didn’t go to any of the below but were on my list if I had been in Copenhagen for more than 36 hours:
Mirabelle - a bakery by Christian Pulisi (he was in an episode of Ugly Delicious with DAvid Chang)
Baest - pizza place by Christian Pulisi
John’s hotdog deli
Gasoline Grill (burgers)
Sanchez and HIja de Sanchez (you’ve already got on your list)

Also, I found the below lists fairly helpful in figuring things out:

Let us know how your trip goes!

This is great! We’ll be back there next spring and will certainly refer to this. We’re not ‘bank breaking’ diners either. Thanks so much.