Corn dishes

Where are some of your favorite corn, or corn-based, dishes in LA?

My favorite might be the Creamed Corn at Chi Spacca, which is surprisingly made without cream, but with corn milk.

Corn Man, Lincoln Heights

Esquites topped with mascarpone at salazar

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Martha’s 22nd Street Grill Hermosa Beach. White corn and Havarti scramble. Wonderful.


The " Ba’Corn Cheese " ($7) at Bun Shop LA. Corn, bacon, scallions, jalapeños, and mozzarella.

I took this photo a few months ago:

Also, no photo, but Sweet Corn ice cream at Sweet Rose is quite tasty.

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in that vein, korean cheese corn with mayo i

is conceptually nasty yet strangely addictive.


Hanjip Corn Cheese with Bone Marrow


White corn agnolotti at Spago.


Elote with huitlacoche + chicharron quesadilla, from street vendors near Echo Park Lake…


Lawry’s creamed corn…

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Brentwood corn at Craft.



Elote o Esquites Con Todo

holyyyyyyy shittttttt does that look amazing!

This is the famous quesadilla cart in Echo Park right??

The Blue Corn Quesdilla is amazing! I consider it a MUST.

I eaten other Blue Corn Quesdillas at Mercado Olympic and MacArthur Park, but they are not as good as Echo Park Lady

Indeed. From the lake, just walk a bit towards Sunset Blvd. Alejandra’s cart is usually there Fri/Sat/Sun.

How was questing for the Apple Pan Boysenberry Pie?

Was about to make a post.

Muchas gracias. I stopped by and picked up a boysenberry pie from them today. I have become too used to expensive pies as I almost thought I was getting a lucky break then it was only $21 haha Personally, I like the sweeter whipped cream at Jongewaard’s and their more buttery crust, but I was SUPER happy to get a boysenberry pie. They NAILED the boysenberry filling, sweet, tart…simple, pure, awesome.

Much appreciated tip!


I love it when a plan comes together.

They said they have them on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays only; I was very happy that it happened to be a Tuesday =)

well, depending on the plan. considered for your approval, the plan of your
average batman villain…

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