Corridor 109

iwashi toast still holding a commanding lead for bite of the year.

rest of the excellent menu. love how all of the returning dishes are even more dialed in than last time: clam broth with the scallop was even more intense, ensui uni was bright and sweet, scales on the tile fish were perfect.

the new kinki was good, but hard to top the dungeness crab consomme it replaced.

@Bagel, @rlw review forthcoming?

spot prawn & caviar tartlet, ebi miso, vidalia onions, wasabi, citrus

jeju island fluke with ensui uni, citrus soy gelee, myoga ginger, shiso oil

scallop with herbal clam broth, herb oil extracts

(new) kinki with yamaimo, daikon, chive sprouts

katsuo with pesto, spaghetti, shallots, grated ginger

nagasaki red tile fish, anchovy dashi, parae seaweed, tokyo turnips

abalone risotto, sumidaya rice, black truffle, gamte seaweed

pixie mandarin sorbet

after-dinner amboy cheeseburger


Not only is Iwashi Toast going to be bite of the year, but Corridor 109 could be best new restaurant too. There are no misses.

Let’s play stock up/stock down (from last month)

Spot Prawn & Caviar Tartlet :chart_with_upwards_trend: packed with more flavor
Jeju Island Fluke with Ensui Uni :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend: probably the biggest mover in terms of how much improved it was (the original was very good) but the uni was just on another level tonight
Scallop with Herbal Clam Broth :chart_with_upwards_trend: scallop was expertly cooked, but damn this broth was one of the best I’ve ever tasted, it was so rich and flavorful–a big improvement over last month
Iwashi Toast :trophy: Just as good as last month, i.e. best bite in the city
Kinki with Yamaimo :new: I really loved this and nearly licked the plate clean of the yamaimo (the best prep I’ve ever had of the ingredient)
Katsuo with Pesto :chart_with_upwards_trend: despite a slightly smaller portion of pasta, I think it was actually better because there was a more even balance of tuna to pasta and the flavors still put it at 1b (to Iwashi Toast’s 1a)
Nagasaki Red Tile Fish :chart_with_upwards_trend: now perfect with every scale on the fish cooked through
Abalone Risotto :chart_with_upwards_trend: wonderfully earthy and more satisfying with bigger chunks of truffle
Pixie Mandarin Sorbet :chart_with_upwards_trend: This was legit incredible–hardly anything needed to be done to it because the flavor of the fruit was so intense

Chef Brian continues to be one of the kindest and most humble chefs. Don’t sleep, by the end of the year this is going to be one of the hardest reservations to get.


I don’t know if there’s much I can add at this point besides my agreement! I really enjoyed the meal and definitely want to fit in another visit (or two!) this year!

A couple of notes:
Iwashi Toast - Met the hyped up expectations and was an amazing bite!
Abalone Truffle Risotto - My #2 of the night! Rice in the liver sauce with truffle had such a depth of flavor.
Some very delicious broths tonight as well.

Agree with prior comments that dessert was the weakest part but was still a nice touch and not the focus of the meal. The focus is seafood which he is doing an amazing job with here. Agree with rlw that from my end there were no misses and overall a really great meal!


Going for the first time on Saturday. Looking forward to it!


double up on the iwashi

I emailed Chef Brian ahead of my meal to pre order extra iwashi. No dice.


ha - poor dude is already overwhelmed by all the work - gonna just keep it to one.

also, shout-out to the biggie, 2pac and nas playlist.


did you end up going or was it cancelled?

cancelled - I even volunteered to help do service. LOL LOL.

Going end up april for sure. Might join another dinner a lil earlier.


So scored Corridor 109 reservation (and had to make a painful choice to cancel Kato I had for the same night). Going for the 2nd seating. Want to get DTLA earlier so that I am not late to my Corridor 109 dinner because of traffic. Where can I get a nice cocktail near Corridor 109?

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kato for cocktails


crossed my mind but worried I will not score a seat

You can call them they will save a seat for you

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majordomo or shibumi

I hate to go to a smaller place like Kato or Shibumi where they kind of expect you to eat at the bar too.
I just want a glass of wine or a cocktail.
Majordomo was on my mind too!

Death and Co

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Thunderbird LA

Melody bar or oriel are right in chinatown.

I would say there’s no expectation for you to eat at Kato. They only have 4 menu items currently.


That’s true - I have stopped by there for drinks several times and they were amazing and cordial.