Costco finds

Did that and made it lots better .

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in LA you can get those at Bay Cities Italian Deli (in case you really need another excuse to go!)

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Ooh, thanks. That reminds me that when we’re back in Seattle next month I ‘need’ to make a stop at Big John’s PFI.


I’m assuming you’re referring to the pasta and not to the Indian food (since I’m actually kinda/sorta excited about the chicken tikka)?

yes the kirkland pasta that Cath posted.

I, too am buying a pack of chicken tikka next time I’m at Costco. Will probably pair with TJ’s garlic naan.

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You can DIY with chicken thighs and the Tikka and/or Vindaloo sauce they have in stock, too. Dinner in about 20 minutes with the IP.

Wait. Are you saying you can buy their Tikka sauce separately? How does that come – jarred? That has strong possibilities. The chicken is great – high quality meat, but I’d love to make a veg dish with that sauce.

My local Costco carries a sauce pack in the refrigerated section…same section you would find the pre-made Tikka Masala. There are 2 sauce containers in the package…a Tikka Masala/Butter sauce and a Vindaloo sauce. You can use it like any jarred sauce.

You had also asked about the Sukhi’s meatballs upthread. They were OK, but nothing special. Kind of dry, as sauce wasn’t included. Coconut-mango flavor, IIRC. I’m not sure that would go well with their sauces anyway.

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I’ve seen that in some of the central OC Costcos. Is it legit? I’m not a fan of the super fatty varietals.

New to me; I’m not Asian enough these days to have any sort of need for a pack that size…

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(later edit) Didn’t buy the above, but that y’all would get a kick out of the pic. Love the Coconut Clusters and the Harmless Harvest coconut water (the latter of which is half the price vs. Bristol Farms). Also got the first time the Sukhi’s chicken tikka and coconut chicken, the Victoria organic marinara, the Monte Pollino fettucine (in these gorgeous nests), and the lobster ravioli.

Has anybody ever tried the fettucine or the ravioli?

They were giving samples of this. They were… odd but not unpleasant . Sort of like (lightly) Indian-spiced Cheetos?

And of course Costco doesn’t only sell food…

They also had fresh, potted plants available today (!).


I had a roommate, family from Shanghai, who went through pounds of that stuff at a record pace. He used to make fried rice with it seemingly several times per week.

Those sausages are great in chili and “spaghetti” sauce.

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Not sure if Vietnamese peeps do this but

Throwing in some of those Chinese sausages in the rice cooker makes for the best steamed rice! A plate of greens and you are set!!

Also at the Garden Grove/Little Saigon Costco they have Red Boat Fish Sauce and a few times I been those wild caught sardines go on sale. Hey they know their audience.

At Costco: I try to limit my snacks but damn I too love those Coconut Clusters and Seaweed Crisps!!!


:scream::exploding_head: Chinese sausages in the rice cooker with the rice?!?
Some of my favorite dinners growing up were when Mom was too lazy to cook so it was just pan-seared Chinese sausage with rice and Maggi…maybe some eggs if she felt like it.


this. Nice and crispy, thin sliced.


This is the simplest thrill to me.
Ong choy or pea shoots, rice, sausage. Maybe a fried egg because fried egg.