Costco finds


The Reno one has had the duck confit for a while now; I didn’t look today. We’ll be in Seattle right after Christmas so always love that store.


Arrived yesterday. And, boy, was it well packed. The box held a styrofoam cooler with five ice packs and the box holding the goodies had three more.

I think we know what we’re having for dinner.


And here was our dinner. Wild boar sausage, duck rillettes, pork pate’ and our Delice de Borgogne, honeycomb, cornichons and crackers. A glass of red. So good. Other of my friends ordered it also and are pleased.

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Costco (Huntington Beach)

Found this while perusing our not-home Costco. It was $50 for 50 grams and comes with a mother of pearl spoon. It’s from Bulgaria. I was not planning on eating caviar tonight…but here we are. Going to be a fun NYE night at home and I don’t have to share because I cancelled my annual party…too many parties lately and I’m exhausted from all the hosting.


We went to Costco in Seattle for caviar and they’d sold out. So we went to one of the WF and got the next to the last jar. Whew. Making this:

Along with other goodies and sparkling wine of course.

  • Costco once again has box shelf stable packages of pho. It’s good enough for what it is and makes a great vehicle for leftover real-smoke bbq. Add some onions/cilantro/lime to improve an additional 100%.

  • They also have a frozen japanese style chicken fried rice in individual packages that is far better than seems physically possible. Add a fried egg + chili crisp for maximum awesomeness.

  • They also have a frozen bulgolgi/bibimbap thing that is also pretty damn good. A little saucy but add some gochuchang or sriracha + fried agg and you get something far better than you deserve.


New at Costco: Chicken street tacos

Semi homemade: Found a nice looking 3 pack of lobster tails. Ate 2 a la carte and threw the third one into the lobster bisque that can be found in the refrigerated soup section.


I stocked up on d’Artagnan confit and smoked breasts for the freezer.


How is the lobster bisque?
I tried the corn and king crab chowder and it fell flat…not corny enough and not king crabby enough.


I actually prefer the crab/corn soup by a large margin. I plan to buy some king crab legs and add some of that meat to the soup as well.

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Oh! How was it?

As you know, I am a new “tot-kas” fan : )


It was Tsar Nicolaui (?sp) white sturgeon and we loved it. We’re not connoisseurs of caviar so take that for what it’s worth.


Oh wait, you’re not talking about the fish eggs! Our first try with the tots was medium good. It didn’t make a “waffle” but did make great crispy tots. Next time I got it hotter and added more tots after about five minutes to fill in the blanks :slight_smile: THAT was better.


Actually, I was interested in both! So yay for both answers : )

And it took me a few tries as well to find the right balance of heat and thawed tots to get the waffle I wanted. Now that I know how? Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

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I also love hash browns in the iron. Grate raw potato, mix in a little melted butter, s&p and put on the hot iron. IIRC the recipe said when it’s stopped emitting steam it’s time to check for doneness.


I received a gift certificate from Tsar Nicoulai from a Russian friend. It looks like an intriguing operation,

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Lucky you!


The Torrance store finally got these in and they are SO good. Perfect for my favorite breakfast of sausages, fried eggs, and Sri Lankan chili sauce.


We got them when robert first recommended them. And love them also.

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Stock up if you can. The resupply is zero to limited.

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