Costco finds

Whoa. What does one do with 2# of dried anchovies? Actually what does one do with them period???

Stir fry them

Drink a lot of soju?

Has anyone tried these???

Niboshi dashi in Japanese cuisine. Kinda time consuming and a bit tedious because the heads have to be pinched off and the guts have to be scraped out of each of the anchovies. My mom tried to recruit me when I was a kid to do this chore - hated it.


That’s a crazy chore, lol. I peeled thousands of potatoes with a paring knife as a child and thought that was tough. I can’t imagine if my mom plopped fish gutting in front of me.

It really turned me off of Japanese food for a while. It all coincided with me growing up in WASP-dominated sanitized society with no room for alien food from a vanquished WWII enemy like “fish heads and rice.”


Damn $3.29 per lb for prime brisket? Fire up that smoker!

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I saw that and wondered what prime would offer.

Oh how I have missed thee!

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I had a slice of cauliflower crust pizza from Costco at a party and was surprised at how crisp it was. The recipes popular among the low-carb crowd typically have steamed cauliflower with mozzarella, Reggiano, eggs, and occasionally molecular gastronomy powders, so aren’t really all that similar to real pizza.

Then I tracked down the manufacturer and they use enough rice, tapioca, and other starchy ingredients that it has about the same amount of carbs as a regular pizza. I don’t know what the point of using cauliflower is if it’s not low-carb.


Thanks! This is helpful. I’ve had it before, and liked it…but will know better than to use it as alternative.

The prepacked quinoa salad from the cold case was a complete bust and a waste of $11. The croissant sandwich party tray remains a reliable winner, with the ham ones being particularly tasty.

prepackaged Quinoa is always a gamble… most are incredibly waterlogged and flavorless. It’s like eating wet sand. ick.

When I see things like that I always wonder: how hard is it to cook quinoa or similar things?

it took me less than an hour to buy everything I needed to feed 15 people 2 meals + snacks.


It’s not just cooking. It’s also assembling all the ingredients. Sometimes you don’t want to buy 10 things for one otherwise throw away dish in addition to the time it takes to prep those 10 things. It’s just cook a cup of Quinoa…

Sorry. I assumed it was just quinoa. I’ve seen “rice” :slight_smile:

LOL!! I buy frozen rice to cook up at work… Most office nowadays are slimmed down in size and lots of people bring lunches a lot to save cash or accommodate their special diets. So fridges are absolutely STUFFED… There is often more freezer space…