Cote (KBBQ) - Flatiron

I was highly skeptical before dining here and really didn’t have much expectations. Figured it would just be another mediocre, overpriced, club decor, fancy restaurant targeted at a non-Korean clientele ala Tao etc…

Happy to report, food was very good and notably using high quality ingredients. Very good banchan - kimchi etc, sammjang, vege platter, good cuts of prime grade dry aged meats. Only misses were the jigae/stews. Kimchi jigae was watery and didn’t have much depth. Soybean jigae tasted more like miso soup. I dare say given the amount of food and quality, the butcher’s feast set menu offers a fairly decent QPR for NYC.

This might be my new go-to, favorite KBBQ joint!

Bonus - the ventilation systems performed admirably, didn’t reek of kbbq smoke when I left.

May I ask: First picture, top right corner. What’s that lumpy, beige, mayo looking side with a garnish of scallions.?

probably steamed egg

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Yes that is indeed steamed egg, the king of all kbbq sides :slight_smile:

From the menu “Savory Egg Soufflé / 계란찜 / Organic egg, kelp yooksoo”

Just noticed an interesting arbitrage on their menu 125g of Regiis Ova Ossetra for $325 vs retail online $525; and if I’m not mistaken caviar is tax exempt in NYC :wink:


Give me 250 grams then! I love caviar :frowning:

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