Courage Bagels--Silverlake

Lol good catch. Thursday, i went on a thursday.

Kinda pissed now I planned to go tomorrow morning


Queuing up for toast bagels is the perfect thing to do after 5:45AM morning intake rounds are finished! #MeetYouThereCB


Go to Hanks and get a real bagel. Toast the f out of it if you want toast. This place is not worth the hype in my honest opinion. I am a jew who loves a bagel. Trust, this does not hit.

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I preface this to say I really love Hanks. They are my favorite overall bagels to get a dozen or two. But their gravlox bagel doesn’t quite reach the highs of Courage.

the Courage bagels with the tomato and smoked salmon with the burnted edges was really phenomenal as whole composed dish. The crust was shattering and the crumb tender, almost too much and not enough chew, but perfect for the contrast of the crust. The tomato adds a really nice tang and its so well salted.

However, I’m biased as I did not have to wait for my bagel and someone bought it for me… :sweat_smile:


Hank’s needs a lesson in toppings. Their salt bagel has a few flecks of salt, onion bagel has zero onion.

Texture is pretty good, they give you a mound of cream cheese.

If you can’t make a salt or onion bagel, you aren’t a bagel bakery. They were my third favorite. But I’m over these topping-flavor-challenged things.

We have a bagel thread here…


Make a sandwich at home with better lox than another shit bagel shop around. Smoked salmon is not nova lox. Go to a deli build you own. Judge a bagel by a bagel, not by the toppings for a sandwich. @Gr8pimpin fair assessment of the bagel and i respect that even to disagree. I never ever ever trust a lox sandwich from a restaurant. It’s always too much of something.


I don’t disagree. Hanks uses gravlox so it’s not smoked. Courage’s tastes like novalox but it’s one freakin piece. So yes, I do smoke my own novalox and pile crap load of it onto Hanks bagels.


oof…ever sell that!? Homemade nova. That is real special.

during the height of pandemic, i think i did close to 50 lbs worth of it when Luxe seafood delivered their premium scottish salmon. Didn’t sell, but cold smoked with cherry wood for some neighbors. I’ll do it again but only when it’s weather is cooler during winter.


Feel free to let us all know if you need to unload some salmon in a few months. :smiley: I’ll bring the bagels from NYB&D.


The smoking is not the hard part. It’s clearing room in fridge to cure all those sides of salmon…if everyone cured their own I can smoke it


(looking up how to cure salmon…)


its one of the easiest fancy foods you can make. Just weight your filet, add 2.5% kosher salt and 1.5% brown sugar, and spread it around, cover tight and 24-48 hrs you have gravlox. cold smoke it, and it’s novalox.


Can I ask how you cold smoke it? A lot of smoking sources don’t address cold smoking at all for safety reasons and many of the remaining recommend smoking when it’s freezing outside which isn’t really a viable option in southern California.

i use the A-Maze-N maze smoker with cherry wood pellets. It’s really great–adds very little heat–maybe 5-10 degrees to ambient temps.

I place in a the bottom of my Pit Barrel drum smoker (or electric smoker, weber grill, or any enclosed space, really) and place the racks of fish near the top and close the lid. I make sure I have proper venting bottom and top. It lasts a very long time and I can typically get 6 hrs of good smoke easily, but i prefer the texture at right around 4 hrs of smoke. i do keep a thermometer probe inside my smoker and like to keep everything under 90–but most of the time i’m doing it in cali winter/spring either early morning or later in evening and my temps don’t usually go past 80.


Got in a Friday morning bagel line and waited less than 30 minutes (so the frenzy may be slowly dying off). My sister loved bagels when we were growing up, and she declared this was the best she’s had. Big caveat being that we did not grow up in NYC and thus are among the unwashed-bagel-illiterate-horde.

Summer in Sardinia on Burnt Everything

Among the heartiest bagels I’ve had from Courage, and one I hope sticks around. The olive oil slicked sardines were fantastic. It’s a nice change of pace from the regular smoked salmon.

J. Hannah x Courage Bagels Compost Caviar on Burnt Everything

Normally served on two mini bagels (they were out) the caviar is inspired by the J. Hannah nail polish color and sourced from the paddlefish program at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, and a portion of the proceeds go to the East Hollywood Community Garden. It definitely adds a touch more of luxury to the bagel than the normally available salmon roe. Yeah, it was a great 2 or so bites.


Am I crazy to prefer Wexler’s?

For just the bagels? Wexler doesn’t (or didn’t) do their bagels in-house. If you like Wexler’s, you can get them straight from the source (New York Bagel & Deli in Santa Monica).


I obviously recognize the quality of what Courage is doing, and I’d certainly eat there again. But for me, the bagels are too chewy. Also, I prefer Wexler’s simpler toppings (salmon, whitefish, or avocado).

Thanks for the info about New York Bagel & Deli.

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